Teaser Tuesday: Twitch Announces Julia Child Marathon


Starting today at 5 p.m., there will be a world-renowned chef masquerading as a gamer girl.

Gamer-streaming site Twitch has announced that it will stream all 200+ episodes of The French Chef, officially expanding its reach (like so many others) in to content offerings.

I found this little nugget to be a GREAT excuse to launch Teaser Tuesday, where I’ll tease portions of my books across all my sites.

Why is this relevant to Pizza for Good? Glad you asked.

Chapter Nine of PFG features “Only Child,” my French interpretation of Chicken Piccata. The recipe will blow your mind with its level of flavor. You can use it to wow dinner guests, or slap it on a pizza and make some money for charity. Whatever you wish.

I paid homage to Julia Child in other ways, too. Check out the full recipe on “Only Child II: Gorgeous Gougéres,” which can double as a party treat.


Now, because we can: here’s Julia Child Remixed, courtesy of PBS Digital Studios:

Jump over and buy Pizza for Good today! For the recipes, or to support your community.


Your 2016 #PizzaAtHome Winner: Greg Davis!

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.38.12 AM

We may have no trophies, award ceremony or Chris Rock hosting, but Greg Davis has won a free copy of Pizza for Good in print!

Both are very tasty options and we saved at least one hungry Super Bowl viewer from the clutches of Domino’s.

We’ll do it all again next year!

#PizzaAtHome , #SuperBowl50 , @willpollock ,#yummy , Fontina Mushroom pizza!

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Tonight’s Dinner Would Make for a Spiffy Pizza

I’m lightly marinating two chicken breasts in orange-ginger dressing, and will coat the breasts in panko before baking.

I’ll update with pics of the finished product.

General cooking instructions:

  • place breasts in a plastic bag
  • season and coat with EVOO, salt & pepper
  • add in small amount marinade; coat evenly but do not over-saturate
  • refrigerate for at least 1 hour (I sometimes marinate overnight)
  • remove breasts and place in a small stainless bowl
  • coat with panko; bake on 375º until golden brown

Cooking time depends on oven and quantity. Plan on between 10-20 minutes. Pics to follow!

This ’12 Things’ Video is Eggs-cellent


The finished egg salad product.


Eggs are the unimpeachable king of breakfasts everywhere.

If it were up to me, eggs wouldn’t just be limited to morning grub, either. If you’re a fan of eggs like I am, this video is definitely for you. Some of the slickest, cinema-grade production I’ve ever seen in a web-video.

How is it related to Pizza for Good? Aside from being just a cool thing you need to see, PFG has a chapter all about egg salad pizza called “Edible ‘Za,” a play on the egg slogan. But you have to buy the book to get the recipe! My custom concoction comes with a kick of horseradish and a lot of other yummy flavors. Here’s an excerpt:

“The egg has earned a rotten rap over the years. ‘The ingrained misconception linking egg consumption to high-blood cholesterol and heart disease must be corrected,’ wrote professor Bruce Griffin in the British Nutrition Foundation’s Bulletin, as reported by BBC. ‘The amount of saturated fat in our diet exerts an effect on blood cholesterol that is several times greater than the relatively small amounts of dietary cholesterol.’ The once-maligned White Orbs of Evil are, actually, an excellent source of the protein and unsaturated fat that our bodies need. What’s more, the egg, treated kindly and wisely, can make for quite the snappy pizza.”

Eggs play a big part in a few recipes that call for breading. We can’t make Chick-fil-A chicken breasts from scratch without it, for example.

One final tidbit: I had no idea what graved eggs are, but now I want them in my mouth all the days of the year. Enjoy.

Crazy for Kale: Perfect Kale Chips for Pizza [Language NSFW]

I used to despise kale.

Really and truly. I wanted my salad bare and simple, to the point where romaine lettuce seemed like a brazen life choice.

But that was then, and kale is very much now. And not just for me… kale seems to be popping up everywhere—as a power elixir, snack food, bath salts and yes, even on pizza. We have a popular place in Atlanta’s Inman Park called Kale Me Crazy, serving up all sorts of kale-yumminess, including shots of extract, elaborate salads and the like. As Sarah Rosenberg can attest, we heart that joint a lot.

We put kale chips on our “Fun Tina” pizza last year and it was one of my faves of all time. Have a look at that here. She was pretty to look at, too.

the finished "Fun Tina"

the finished “Fun Tina”

Not everyone is convinced that kale is the Second Food Coming; for all fads, remember, there are contrarians. Just ask the Vulgar Chef what he thinks.

Well then. Amidst the noise I’m trying to keep a level head about kale since I’m always the skeptic when it comes to fads. (Writes the guy who still buys $18 Levi’s at Target.)

Anyhoo, kale—despite it’s sometimes annoying hype—makes an already spiffy pizza all the more grand. Here’s my guide on how you can turn your kale in to luscious, ready-to-nomnom bites of goodness.

(I made up the part about bath salts—but you totally believed me there for a second.)

2015-02-23 14.48.57 2015-02-23 14.51.33 2015-02-23 14.45.29


head of kale
1/4 cup of EVOO
squeeze of lemon
dried garlic (optional)
kosher salt & pepper


• preheat the oven to 300˚
• wash the kale well. break away all leafy-green pieces from the stem and place in a stainless steel bowl. dry the kale well and then rip the pieces to the desired size. (remember, the greens reduce in the oven.) compost or discard the stems.

2015-02-23 14.40.52

• in a measuring cup, put the olive oil and lemon together with desired pinches of salt and pepper (optional). mix well.
• pour mixture over the kale, one pour at a time, and use your hands to toss. this may be a bit icky to some, but it’s the best way to get the pieces all covered.

2015-02-23 15.08.07

• since heads of kale vary, keep this in mind: you don’t want to go too heavy on your liquid. so, add just enough to cover whatever amount of kale you have. give the pieces a final lashing of kosher salt and pepper. mix one last time.

2015-02-23 15.10.30

• spread pieces out on a baking sheet or a slotted pan cover (shown). bake 10 minutes and turn the pan once; bake for another 15 minutes, but check back to see if it’s done sooner (ovens vary). be patient… cooking at a lower temperature means they’ll be just right after they cool.

2015-02-23 15.36.40 2015-02-23 15.43.04 2015-02-23 15.40.44

I dare you not to eat half of the chips before they cool. Enjoy! Please post here if you make this at home.

Our New Year’s Eve Gourmet ‘Pizza For Good’ Menu is Set!

For the 13th consecutive year, we’ll be gathering at my house in midtown Atlanta to ring in 2015 with lots of spiffy gourmet pizzas. We’ll be taking donations for Positive Impact and selling ARTvision pieces to close the year in style.


We are eternally grateful to Baraonda Atlanta, which has graciously agreed to dough-nate again this year and is one of our official sponsors. Please make SURE to patronize this local restaurant—for locals and folks who come in from out of town. Special thanks to Baraonda manager Alin Cruceanu for always supporting us enthusiastically.

We have some our themed-pizza greatest hits, as well as a few new topping recipes as well. Here are the new ones:

the finished "Fun Tina"

the finished “Fun Tina”

Fun Tina
• Olive oil & lemon zest
• Fontina Cheese
• Caramelized shallots
• Crispy kale

2014-12-30 14.07.50

Asian glaze base for “East Meets West”

East Meets West
• Asian glaze
• Mac ‘n cheese bites
• Mozzarella

And some of our returning champions:

“Pesto Perfect,” “Closed on Sundays,” “The Carnivore,” “Lexstacy” and more!

Please consider making a donation in support of Positive Impact. You can click right to PI’s donation partner, Network for Good, by clicking here.


Click logo to go directly to the PI donation page


In total, there are three ways you can get involved and support the mission:

1. Buy Pizza for Goodin print or in digital form. If you purchase the print version for $20 I’ll donate $5 to a charity of your choice.
2. Support Positive Impact directly. Any size donations welcome!
3. Purchase an ARTvision piece! For more on the selection, click here.

Happy New Year! Pictures, video and a recap coming soon.

‘Pizza for Good’ #QuotableMondays: Rocco DiSpirito says ‘Cooking is the Answer’ [VIDEO]

“How would you like to be a better parent? Or a better citizen?” Rocco DiSpirito asks pointedly in an appearance on CBS Sunday Morning. It was a compelling segment on the myriad reasons to cook fresh and at home, and since Pizza for Good, at its core, is about making America’s favorite food at home, his thoughts resonated greatly.

“That take-out pizza you order every night? It’s costing us some real dough.” Amen, we say—amen! Whether you buy PFG for the recipes or to host your own party for charity, consider making your next meal out of locally sourced ingredients at home. The impact is less on your world, and greater on your family. 😉