Some bonus video appears below, including a blooper reel created by Duncan Connor. Enjoy! We’ll be updating this page in the future so make sure to stay tuned.

Bloopers for Good
We shot a few short cooking clips to embed directly in the ePub file – these are the outtakes. (Hint: it stars Triscuit, Will’s Rat Terrier.)

Roasting Penny for Good
I’m in the middle of a chapter presentation for the book-release party when Penny’s phone rang – here’s what happened next.

“Ecstasy” by Alexis Vear
Accompanied by Matthew Smith, Alexis sings “Ecstasy,” the inspiration behind the white pizza recipe entitled “Lexstasy.”
Location: Steve’s Live Music

Good ingredients can make or break your toppings – here’s a basic primer on how best to chop basil.

Make sure to have a look at our Pizza for Good YouTube playlist, too.

Clips on citrus and garlic are available only in the pages of Pizza for Good! Buy now

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