‘Pizza for Good’ Earns Another Stellar Review [VIDEO]

With great thanks to Eli in Portland for allowing me the chance to upload his video review of Pizza for Good so I could share it with you guys. How cool is this?

An excerpt:

“Recently I’d been looking to raise money for homeless youth in my area of Portland. I didn’t know how to go about it—many of these events take a lot of time and investment. What Mr. Pollock does is show people how to host a charitable event using pizza. It’s a brilliant set-up because people love to come together and eat. He asks a lot of relevant questions to see if you’re ready to do it yourself. And he goes over humorous and unique accounts of his experiences and who he’s assisted.”

And in another sign that he gets it:

“Everything comes together in a centrifuge of information that is exactly perfect for those who want to create a charitable event.”

Totally blown away and grateful to Eli for taking the time. He also left me an Amazon review, which you can view here. Remember: book reviews (written, autdio or video) really help with discoverability. Learn more about that by going here.

I told Eli I’d come out there and help him throw the party if he’s interested. Watch this space. — WP


Another ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review of ‘Pizza for Good’

Great thanks to Larry Harris for leaving this five-star review of Pizza for Good:

Great pizza recipes to help others!

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Pizza for Good: Buy it for recipes. Use it to change the world.

‘Easy book for pizza’—Another 5 Star Review on Amazon!

Thank you, Tina, for your five-star review on Amazon!


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Another 5-Star Amazon Review of PFG!


“This book is a keeper,” says Kathy Segré of Pa. “Yummy and very creative pizza recipes and thought-provoking ideas for community-building and fund raising.”

Read the full review here. Thanks so much to Kathy!

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Free Loot: Summer Amazon-review Giveaway!


Yellow tomatoes and banana peppers from the garden

Yellow tomatoes and banana peppers from the garden

Basil pesto, organic yellow-tomato pizza sauce, pickled banana peppers.

These are just some of the items you could earn by leaving a Pizza for Good Amazon review this summer!

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What’s more, this is a GREAT way for me to connect with you, PFG readers and fans, in an “organic” way—pun definitely intended.

Here’s how it’ll work:

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2014-06-16 18.51.32

First up: my famous basil-lemon pesto. So, get to reviewing and the first successful ones will get a jar of pesto! With your permission, I’ll also repost your review right here on the book blog.

Most of all, thanks for being a reader and getting involved in this summer of freebies!


Amazon Reviewer: ‘Support your local economy’

"Mint Condition" - mint pesto with goat cheese

“Mint Condition” – mint pesto derived from mint grown in the backyard, topped with feta.

Pizza for Good boasts a number of different important themes – using tasty pizza to raise money, highlighting people doing great things in their communities and terrific recipes, among other things. But a reviewer on Amazon cited another critical piece: supporting local businesses.

“Support your local economy,” the commenter wrote. “The concept is great for community involvement.”

That person—who chose to remain anonymous—is dead on the money. Instead of, for example, ordering a Domino’s pizza where all ingredients are mass-produced and have questionable additives, Pizza for Good gives you recipes that ALL contain options on how to make them using fresh, in-season ingredients.

Quoting from the Ingredients Are King: Supplement and Buy Local section of the book:

David Bradley, executive chef of Lure in Midtown Atlanta—part of Fifth Group restaurants—urges Pizza for Good readers to build relationships with local purveyors, whether at a green market or another local establishment, to buy local, then fill in where you have to with easy-to-buy stuff.

“Not every single thing on a plate or in a dish has to be 100 percent local for me,” he says. “I’d much rather use a canned tomato than a fresh one, probably nine months out of the year. If I’m going to make sauce I’ll make it with canned tomatoes and then try to buy locally made mozzarella. Or buy some really nice milk and make my own ricotta or something like that.

“You can still have that element and a handmade feel to it, but again it goes back to quality,” he adds. “The ambitious and proper thing would be to make it at home. But that’s probably not most people’s reality.”

That’s true, but with a bit of creativity you can generate your own ingredients or buy them from a local, responsible source. With small, local business under constant fire from big corporations, support them as much as you can.

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New 5-Star Amazon Review: ‘Great Recipes, Fantastic Stories’

Thank you, Penny Frulla, for your stellar Pizza for Good review on Amazon!

“Pizza is by far the most favorite food in my house. I am so excited to try each and every one of these recipes and share the stories with my family. Hoping to start our own Pizza Art Auction in Chicago this year to give Will Pollock’s idea a little momentum. Thank You!!!”

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