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"Pizza for Good" Cover


Why,” you ask?

Pizza for Good is an inspiring and entertaining cookbook, memoir and philanthropic guide to building local community through food. Will Pollock, the founder of charitable artists’ collaborative ARTvision and an Atlanta-based freelance journalist, has created more than 20 unique recipes for themed, gourmet pizzas that emphasize locally sourced ingredients and come with a ton of extra kitchen tips.

But Pizza for Good is also a funny, moving, and thought-provoking series of stories and profiles about Will’s personal experience in creating a philanthropic arts organization and his community-building efforts as achieved through pizza.

When you buy the digital edition, you’re getting professional photography and embedded video of Will giving some exclusive tips he uses in the kitchen. Since Will also is a humorist and frequent LOLer, here is the outtake reel:

In authoring Pizza for Good, Will’s objective is to not only give you, the reader, brand new ways to think about America’s favorite food, but to offer straightforward advice on how you can host your very own Pizza for Good parties in support of the causes that mean the most to you.

Pizza for Good is optimized for iPad users, but still renders its embedded video and high-res images beautifully on Kindle devices! Click over to Will’s publisher’s website for more info on how to load the epub file to iBooks or eReader of choice. (additional info about ePub readers)

For the digital edition (complete with embedded video):

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Amazon reviews are worth their weight in gold – please consider leaving a review of Pizza for Good if you’ve read the book! Thank you so much… Make sure to dig the book on Facebook to keep tabs on our community, too.

The purchase the print version, jump over to the Etsy page:


in case you prefer stained pages that stick together. 😉

"Pizza for Good" chapter-heading design for the print version

“Pizza for Good” chapter-heading design

Opening page in PFG's preface

Opening page in PFG’s preface


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