Why I’m going dark on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram this weekend [UPDATED]

I’ll be doing a full recap of our event in San Diego, but for the time being…

Cranky Yank

SUMMARY: At what point do social-media giants start to become their own authoritarian states? The platforms where I’ve gone to learn and vent about Russia’s influence on our democracy have themselves been overtaken by a type of totalitarian addiction. And we only know about 5% of what’s actually happened. 

By being silent, I’m intending to show we will not be silenced.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, among others, have all been implicated in the Trump-Russia investigation. Just today we learned Twitter received $800M in a “significant round of funding” from a Russian investment firm DST Global.

Facebook got a similar infusion from DST’s…

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Fighting cancer and for freedom of the press

This is an amazing read. highly recommended!

Isaac Avilucea

Whirlwind week. I wanted to give everyone an update, and hopefully, some relief after I was admitted to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in Hamilton last week.

I’m sure some of you heard the news in an article via The Daily Beast that touched on the prior restraint fight I’ve been involved with in New Jersey regarding my reporting on a 5-year-old kindergarten student in Trenton who was found with drugs twice at school in two months.

It had been shaping into a whopper of a fight featuring the state Attorney General, The Trentonian and me and had attracted the glare of the national and local media and the Society of Professional Journalists.

My focus had been squarely on that until last week, when I got sucker-punched with another cancer diagnosis. photo illustration.PNG

Since then, I have been put on a cocktail of drugs and have been run through a battery of…

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CrankyYank Vol. 36: EXCLUSIVE: Wonders of Wilder | ‘If These Dogs Could Talk’ | Hillary So Mental & More

[Writer’s note: This is a late and abbreviated version of CrankyYank—I’m taking some “me” time during the Labor Day holiday week, so I’m republishing my post from Leav…

Source: CrankyYank Vol. 36: EXCLUSIVE: Wonders of Wilder | ‘If These Dogs Could Talk’ | Hillary So Mental & More

Teaser Tuesday: Twitch Announces Julia Child Marathon


Starting today at 5 p.m., there will be a world-renowned chef masquerading as a gamer girl.

Gamer-streaming site Twitch has announced that it will stream all 200+ episodes of The French Chef, officially expanding its reach (like so many others) in to content offerings.

I found this little nugget to be a GREAT excuse to launch Teaser Tuesday, where I’ll tease portions of my books across all my sites.

Why is this relevant to Pizza for Good? Glad you asked.

Chapter Nine of PFG features “Only Child,” my French interpretation of Chicken Piccata. The recipe will blow your mind with its level of flavor. You can use it to wow dinner guests, or slap it on a pizza and make some money for charity. Whatever you wish.

I paid homage to Julia Child in other ways, too. Check out the full recipe on “Only Child II: Gorgeous Gougéres,” which can double as a party treat.


Now, because we can: here’s Julia Child Remixed, courtesy of PBS Digital Studios:

Jump over and buy Pizza for Good today! For the recipes, or to support your community.


A #PizzaAtHome Touchdown: Super Bowl Pizza Bagels

All week I’ve been blogging about creative ways to make pizza at home for Super Bowl 50. Here’s one last tip: pizza bagels are super easy for parties and delicious to eat. 

I dropped by Emerald City Bagels‘ pop-up shop in Cabbagetown and got a bunch of fresh NY-style bagels for my PizzaAtHome meal tonight. 

I’ll post the toppings recipes tomorrow. The names are Peyton, Cam, Gronk and The Kicker. all different, all delicious!

Emerald City = highly recommended