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"Pizza for Good" by Will Pollock

“Pizza for Good” book cover

Pizza for Good is a video-enhanced eBook chronicling the themed, gourmet-pizza party that sparked a non-profit movement – and how you can do the same in your local community!

Pizza for Good is an inspiring cookbook, memoir, and philanthropic guide to building local community through America’s favorite food. Atlanta-based freelance journalist Will Pollock has created 20 unique recipes for specialty pizzas that emphasize locally sourced ingredients and come with lots of helpful kitchen tips.

The party that sparked it all
For the past 13 years, Will has hosted The New Year’s Eve Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza, which began as a small gathering of hungry revelers and eventually grew into an annual tradition that sparked a charitable movement. Since its inception in 2006, ARTvision Atlanta has raised more than $50,000 for multiple charities. Pizza for Good chronicles this event’s progression and works as a blueprint for eager cooks, local activists, and charitable-minded folks who want to make a difference in their own communities.

A portion of proceeds will go to Atlanta-based Positive Impact, which provides culturally competent mental-health and substance-abuse services to those affected by HIV in metro Atlanta. PI has been ARTvision’s official beneficiary since 2008.

The launch party that led to a mini-doc
When Pizza for Good was released in November 2013, we threw a party to celebrate—and a videographer came along to chronicle the launch. This mini-doc, by Arno Hunter Myers, will help you get to know the author and some of the subjects profiled in the book:

If you scroll down to the chapters, you’ll find a few short clips that introduce you to folks like Alexis Vear, Lucas Schneider and Penny Frulla—all of whom appear in the pages of PFG.

Featuring an innovative level of interactivity between readers and author, Pizza for Good links directly to the book blog to continue the conversation online and bring the book’s message of community-building to readers everywhere. Embedded video, music and other digital resources are just a touch away—making Pizza for Good a completely one-of-a-kind reader experience that will change the way you think about America’s favorite food.

The Pizzas: How can I get my ‘Chowfunding‘ On?
These aren’t just your standard, run-of-the-mill recipes. No, these are pizza backstories, which tell tall tales of how each pie came to existence and how you can use them to raise money. Watch the video clips for more on what you’ll find in the pages of PFG—the “Pesto Perfect” recipe is free to all of you who’ve visited! But you have to buy the book to get them all. 😉

  • Lulu Lives.” Chicago’s trash-talking queen of “no” inspires a hearty pizza (watch the preview)

  • Steak Escape.” Grass-fed filets never tasted this good
  • Pi.” This entrepreurial 14-year-old wants to bring cool back to math
  • Edible ‘Za.” After a sour spell, the egg has come full circle
  • aMOOgula.” Transform this delicious, leafy green to a buttery-nutty pizza base
  • Closed on Sundays.” Our Chick-fil-A pizza has become a favorite; the company’s policies, not so much
  • CFWB.” Put this calf-birthing, corn-fed Wisconsin gentleman on your shoulders  (watch the preview)

  • Only Child.” If nominated, yes, this pizza would win an Oscar
  • Lexstasy.” Honoring a friend and giving back, note by beautiful note (watch the preview)

  • Curry Flavor.” Give your pizza a subtle yet sumptuous Indian tang
  • Pesto Perfect.” Learn the art of pesto making, and remember: lemon is your friend
  • The Carnivore.” Where’s the beef? Right here, along with a few other pals
  • Popeye & Olive Oil.” An icon of power… and a 60-year equation controversy
  • Feta Compli.” My famous smooth, creamy concoction has been a well-guarded secret—until now
  • Mint Condition.” A bold spice makes for an even bolder pizza
  • The Vampire Diaries.” Even the undead will want to risk their certain demise with this recipe
  • Cashel Rock.” Cashel, Ireland: where brown sauce mixes with history
  • Easy-Peasy Cream Cheesy.” Using up soon-to-expire fridge stuff never tasted so good
  • Your Coulis Canvas.” Master the art of roasting red peppers and create a ruby-red pizza canvas

Many more stories, tips, tricks and video are available when you buy the book—so what are you waiting for?


All video on this page shot by Arno Hunter Myers; videos produced and edited by Arno Hunter Myers & Will Pollock

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