[VIDEO] ‘Who the F*ck Made This?’: Italian Grandmothers Try Olive Garden

Why must we Americanize everything?

Pizza, Chinese and Italian food, to name a few, are often “dumbed down” for USA audiences. And to some of these Italian grandmothers, it shows.

From the HuffPo article:

Still, we think they’re a little rough on the breadsticks.

Really? They’re rough on everything, and with good reason. Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Pizza Hut, et. al., are factories that spit out lowest-common-denominator food for the masses.

Lesson: make your lasagna at home, with a watchful grandmother at your side.

#QuotableMondays: Last Week Tonight & ‘Abomination Pizza’ (NSFW)

I was catching up on Last Week Tonight over the weekend, and stumbled over a reference to the grossly mass-manufactured pies of Pizza Hut. Oliver made the quip as an aside about a piece on Dr. Oz as a snake-oil salesman. Here’s the quote, and then the clip:


“Just because some bread, tomatoes, and cheese got black-out drunk and fucked each other in an abandoned dumpster doesn’t mean that you get to call the resulting abomination ‘pizza.’”

Pajiba has a post up that encapsulates the segment well, with lots of F bombs and delicious smack-downs: “John Oliver’s Explanation of the First Amendment is a Must Read for Every Dumbass Troll on the Internet.” A-freakin-men.

Pizza Hut image credit: Kunal Janu

[VIDEO] 5 Reasons Why The ‘Pizza Party Train’ is Awesome

I love ambush videos, especially if it puts smiles on people’s faces.

The above clip proves that pizza can be a force of good in the world. Here’s why that video is awesome:

1. C’mon, it’s New York pizza! No better pizza on the planet.
2. I grew up taking the subway in Manhattan and would never think to eat pizza while riding. (hi, germs.)
3. People make fun of me because I’m a New Yorker who folds my pizza. Trust me… I ain’t the only one.
4. As a product of two improv season classes, I approve. I had to dig up the post on Gothamist to make sure those guys really weren’t MTA officials.
5. Pizza as a smile-maker. They didn’t raise any money, but does it really matter in this case?

This bit by Improv Everywhere in New York apparently grew out of Charlie Todd‘s love for his neighborhood pizzeria. “I lived a block away from Pizza Suprema for 10 years,” he told Gothamist. “It’s awesome. Next time you’re in the Penn Station area give it a visit.”

We most certainly will.

#QuotableMondays: ‘Medicinal Purposes’ by Amy Neftzger

Author and researcher Amy Neftzger said the following: “Those pizzas I ate were for medicinal purposes.”

Loved the tongue-and-cheek quip from a fellow author who’s active on social media and obviously of quick wit. After reading the quote—which got a graphic treatment from none other than Domino’s pizza—I thought about changing two words to suit Pizza for Good fans:

“Those pizzas I made were for fund-raising purposes.” And that, in a quick-edit nutshell, is why I wrote PFG: to return pizza enjoyment to an in-home practice, so that it may help you help other folks in your community.

Follow Amy on Twitter and make sure to like her Facebook page, too.

Buy Now!

Buy Now!

Pizza for Good: Buy it for recipes… Use it for community

WATCH: Two Do-gooder Updates From Ethan Brown & Sara Benincasa

Two quick video updates for you! Ethan Brown is our first – he’s the fabulously successful “mathemagician” profiled in the pages of Pizza for Good. Now attending Andover, he’s carving out opportunities to appear at schools, libraries and conferences—and has created a video in support of that effort:

“People are finally getting excited about math again,” and Ethan is working to make sure that happens.

Sara Benincasa is our next update. She’s not in the pages of PFG, but IS doing some great work with her kickstarter project, “This Tour is so Gay.” She needs just a few more dollars to make her comedy tour and LGBTQ volunteer work a reality:

Hope you enjoy. Make sure to give to Sara’s effort and share both videos widely. They’re great peeps who need our support!

Big things are in the works this summer. Stay tuned. – WP

Yes, The ‘Peepza’ is Actually a Thing

Someone totally did a "Peepza" - and wrote about it

Someone totally did a “Peepza” – and wrote about it

When you have a phrase in your post that reads, “it actually doesn’t taste as bad as you might think,” one has to wonder about the wisdom of posting it in the first place.

In celebration of Easter Sunday, I give you The Peepza. Click over and enjoy.

Watch for big things this week, including two sets of video features that will knock your socks on.

(Photo credit: Adam Kuban)