San Diego Recap: Flying Flour & $520 for the Humane Society

Yes, we made a complete mess of the Sun-St. Michael's kitchen, and it became a rockin' restaurant for the evening. But it was a HUGE success, I'm proud to say. We had roughly 25 in attendance and made $520 in unfettered funds for the San Diego Humane Society. Wayne, in his infinite wisdom, asked guests [...]

Huge Response: PFG Party in San Diego Tomorrow Night!

Tomorrow night, it's all about our furry children. We have more than 20 people RSVPed to "For the Pets," a party I'm co-hosting with Wayne Sun and Ed. St. Michael. They wanted to honor their beloved Zoe, whom they lost suddenly—and many of the party attendees will be honoring their own pets as they support [...]

7 Sauces That Taste Better Homemade (NYT)

The New York Times has a fabulously simple piece up today about making sauces at home - many of which you can use as the base of a spiffy pizza! Best of all, YOU control the ingredients and can make it an organic concoction or one with super-fresh ingredients. There are a number of great [...]

‘New York Delhi’ – The Best Naan Pizza You’ll Ever Taste

‘New York Delhi’ – The Best Naan Pizza You’ll Ever Taste

A few friends recently visited Tabla, a new Indian restaurant in Midtown Atlanta, and reported having naan with cheese on it. Naturally, a lightbulb went off over my head! The result is "New York Delhi"—an easy, non-yeast, pizza version of classic Indian bread. After hitting the Google for some easy-peasy naan recipes, I settled on [...]

Only Child II: Gorgeous Gougères Best way to sum up this post? It's a sequel to the book chapter about a movie based on a blog inspired by a master chef. Easy, right? Let me explain... "Instinct" is a thread that runs throughout Pizza for Good, as you'll find out after buying and reading. My instinct antennae went up when [...]

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with an Irish… Pizza?

Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of blue cheese—it's far to funky for my taste. The one exception, though, is Cashel Blue, crafted right in the historic town of Cashel, Ireland. The finish is so smooth and bright that it goes beautifully with apples or crumbled in a salad. When traveling with a [...]

Amazon Reviewer: ‘Support your local economy’

Pizza for Good boasts a number of different important themes - using tasty pizza to raise money, highlighting people doing great things in their communities and terrific recipes, among other things. But a reviewer on Amazon cited another critical piece: supporting local businesses. "Support your local economy," the commenter wrote. "The concept is great for [...]