Our New Year’s Eve Gourmet ‘Pizza For Good’ Menu is Set!

For the 13th consecutive year, we’ll be gathering at my house in midtown Atlanta to ring in 2015 with lots of spiffy gourmet pizzas. We’ll be taking donations for Positive Impact and selling ARTvision pieces to close the year in style.


We are eternally grateful to Baraonda Atlanta, which has graciously agreed to dough-nate again this year and is one of our official sponsors. Please make SURE to patronize this local restaurant—for locals and folks who come in from out of town. Special thanks to Baraonda manager Alin Cruceanu for always supporting us enthusiastically.

We have some our themed-pizza greatest hits, as well as a few new topping recipes as well. Here are the new ones:

the finished "Fun Tina"

the finished “Fun Tina”

Fun Tina
• Olive oil & lemon zest
• Fontina Cheese
• Caramelized shallots
• Crispy kale

2014-12-30 14.07.50

Asian glaze base for “East Meets West”

East Meets West
• Asian glaze
• Mac ‘n cheese bites
• Mozzarella

And some of our returning champions:

“Pesto Perfect,” “Closed on Sundays,” “The Carnivore,” “Lexstacy” and more!

Please consider making a donation in support of Positive Impact. You can click right to PI’s donation partner, Network for Good, by clicking here.


Click logo to go directly to the PI donation page


In total, there are three ways you can get involved and support the mission:

1. Buy Pizza for Goodin print or in digital form. If you purchase the print version for $20 I’ll donate $5 to a charity of your choice.
2. Support Positive Impact directly. Any size donations welcome!
3. Purchase an ARTvision piece! For more on the selection, click here.

Happy New Year! Pictures, video and a recap coming soon.

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