Huge Response: PFG Party in San Diego Tomorrow Night!

Zoe, our inspiration for this weekend's fundraising

Zoe, our inspiration for this weekend’s fundraising

Tomorrow night, it’s all about our furry children.

We have more than 20 people RSVPed to “For the Pets,” a party I’m co-hosting with Wayne Sun and Ed. St. Michael. They wanted to honor their beloved Zoe, whom they lost suddenly—and many of the party attendees will be honoring their own pets as they support the mission.

This is the first-ever Pizza for Good party I’ve thrown outside of Atlanta, and I couldn’t be more excited! We’ve already received a donation for $25, and expect more to come in tomorrow. (We’ll release the full tally early next week.)

All proceeds will benefit the San Diego Humane Society. (read more)

All the pizzas, ingredients and other details are coming together! As always, we are going to emphasize locally-sourced ingredients. Have a look at what we decided on (the title and toppings; subject to change):

  • “P4” — Pepperoni, pineapple and pickled banana peppers
  • “Georgia Peach” — Grilled peaches, prosciutto, fresh parmesan with an EVOO-citrus glaze
  • “Squash Blossom” — lemon-zest-infused ricotta cheese topped with mint and squash blossoms
  • CFWB” — roasted corn salsa, cheese curds, mozzarella (from the pages of PFG)
  • “San Diego Alligator Pear” — grilled seasoned chicken, avocado, tortilla strips
  • Pesto Perfect” — the quintessential citrus-infused pesto pizza topped with mozzarella (from the pages of PFG)

I’ll be posting pics of our prep work and other tidbits along the way, so watch our Twitter feed and Facebook page for more!

We’re also looking to partner with a local Italian pizza place near SDSU for a dough-nation for our event! We will feature you on this blog and make sure to have our partygoers stop in for a meal. 

More to follow! While Zoe is our inspiration, Triscuit is our mascot—she traveled clear across the country with me to be here for the party.

Triscuit Pollock will be our event mascot

Triscuit Pollock will be our event mascot


UPDATE: A recap of Pizza for Good :: San Diego “For the Pets” has been posted—complete with recipes, videos and details about earning $520 for the San Diego Humane Society. Check it out!




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