Massive Success! Second ‘Pizza for Good’ in Bethel raises $1K for DAWS

We joined The Browns last weekend for a Pizza for Good party to raise money for DAWS—a local animal-welfare society. Our co-hosts Amy Platt & Tracy Brod helped greatly with behind-the-scenes work, and Will was assisted in the kitchen by incomparable sous chefs Chris, Ethan & Spencer Brown.


[BETHEL, CONN.] — Our sophomore Pizza for Good effort here in Bethel, Conn., was a fantastic success. Thanks to all who came out, donated and volunteered! This time around we were raising money (aka “Chowfunding“) for Danbury Animal Welfare Society—after all was said in done we made right around $1K for the group’s effort to care for area animals. Exact fund-raising total to follow shortly.

Meantime, we featured a number of great pizzas ripped right from the pages of PFG, including:

  • Pimento & Sissy: scratch-made pimento cheese
  • <head tilt> Bless Your Heart: peaches & prosciutto
  • Pi: cherry glaze, bacon & apple
  • Popeye & Olive Oil: sautéed spinach, lemon

I found a bottle of Soy Vey Hoisin marinade and made an asian-fusion chicken pizza out of it—very yum. Some of the tastier pies come from using up supplies from the fridge!

I was especially proud of a pizza I made on the side. It’s called “Prretty for Ze Prrom,” and it’s an homage to a night out that Rachel and I had before her prom. Dressed in formal wear, we went to our normal diner hangout on 79th and Broadway and ordered grilled cheese with bacon. The waitress came over and said “you look so prrrrety for ze prrrrom!” And that nickname stuck.

“Prrety for Ze Prrom”—an improvised pizza based on a visit to a NYC diner.

So to honor Rachel’s birthday, I made the pizza version of a grilled cheese with bacon. Par-bake your pizza dough and make sure to brush the outside of the top with either butter or egg wash (for crisping) and sprinkle with kosher salt and pepper. BOOM! We got ourselves a tasty grilled-cheese-bacon in the form a pizza.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I heard lots of “oohing” and “ahhing” over the pies so it sounded like the hungry masses were psyched once again. My great thanks, as always, go out to the entire Brown family—Chris, Rachel, Ethan, Spencer & Waldo—for hosting! These parties give their host homes a beating so it’s always much appreciated.

Watch the quick recap video here, and if you haven’t scored your copy of PFG yet, please do. More to follow! 🔵



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