‘Pizza for Good’ in Bethel—Round Two!


We’re gathering today in Bethel for our 2nd Pizza for Good event—this time we’ll be raising funds for Danbury Animal Welfare Society (DAWS). For more than 40 years DAWS has been working in the community to enhance the lives of troubled animals and fostering the wellbeing of dogs and cats. DAWS launched in 1974 as small operation of improving the lives of animals at the Danbury pound to opening its own clinic and providing education to the surrounding area.

Our hosts are once again Rachel, Chris, Ethan & Spencer Brown. And best of all: today is Rachel’s birthday! So we’ll be celebrating her as we raise money for DAWS. Thank you SO much to all of our PFG in Bethel volunteers, too, who’ve pitched in big time to make sure the event is a big success.

Big thanks also go out to Perry Anastasakis & Famous Pizza for returning as our Doughnators. We have 30 rounds of scratch-made pizza dough thanks to them!

Please consider supporting DAWS and make sure to score your copy of Pizza for Good—as an enhanced eBook and in print! We’ll post event pics and recipes here later. ❏

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