On #EarthDay, #NoFoodWasted

Tom Colicchio is one of my Foodie Heroes, and today is a good example of that. https://twitter.com/tomcolicchio/status/590896622298595328 https://youtu.be/v3faxm5S8Ms Food waste is a huge problem in this country—we waste between 40% to 50% of our food, and when it hits landfills it emits methane. Methane is worse than anything your car or truck emits, and it contributes to [...]

What’s ‘Pi’ Day without Pizza?

Happy Pi day everybody! Pizza for Good features Chapter 3: "Pi"—a snazzy ditty featuring a profile of Pi and Tau Evangelist and Mathemagician Ethan Brown. (We'll call it a "Pi-file.") Ethan says the subject of math in schools—where, as recently reported, the U.S. is lagging other countries in aptitude—is sometimes too specific, for a subject [...]

Christmas Comes Once a Week with ‘Pizza Fridays’

Sam Howe might want to invest in a durable Santa suit. Known by the Twitter handle @melip0ne, Howe helps a chosen-few followers kick off the best weekend ever—with a free large pizza pie on Fridays. The only prerequisite? Be a follower, and interact. From the PMQ story: Every Friday I get a pizza pie for one of [...]