Next Saturday: ‘Pizza for Good’ in Bethel, Conn. for SCOTTY Fund


Our “Pizza for Good” event in Bethel, Conn., will be held next weekend!


More about SCOTTY Fund on their website:

The goal of the SCOTTY Fund is two-fold. First, to help erase the financial burden associated with a critical illness. Grant money is given to children for medical expenses, transportation and other ancillary costs associated with the illness. Secondly, to provide family support including nightly meals, child care, errand running and grocery shopping.

SCOTTY Fund has awarded nearly $1M in grants to those in need, which is awesome. Our event is up to nearly 50 guests and counting, so we’re hoping to add to the company’s totals.

We’ll be posting new recipes, photos, video and a full recap afterward. Please consider supporting Scotty Fund, here.


2014’s December to Remember

When ARTvision Atlanta debuted in December in 2011 as a stand-alone event, it meant that Pizza for Good, art sales and general fund-raising stretched out the entire month. And in 2014, we had many exciting milestones and happy syncronicities of which we’re very proud.

"Mar Pacifico" by Dee Ruff, which fetched $450 for Positive Impact.

“Mar Pacifico” by Dee Ruff, which fetched $450 for Positive Impact.

1 Dec. 2014
We started the month as we’ve always done, commemorating World AIDS Day with a quote from ARTvision artist Dee Ruff. This day always marks the kickoff of fundraising for Positive Impact. “Positive change can transform disappointment into contentment,” she says. “Positive change can transform PI clients into a state of peacefulness, and it can happen piece by piece, just like a mosaic.” (more)


“Sea of Prayers” by Gene Rector—$200 to Positive Impact.

8 Dec.
We sold our first-ever birdhouse, crafted by first-time AV artist Gene Rector. The piece, “Sea of Prayers,” is made of reclaimed wood and makes the perfect addition to anyone’s backyard. The piece sold for $200 to Jd Isaacs upon being posted to the web, ahead of our Preview Night and Main Event.

11-12 Dec.
Our VIP Preview & Pizza for Good book signing was abuzz and alight with new connections, friends and about $2,000 in donations for PI. The Main Event featured #AVSquared winners and a presentation for Michael Baker and Paul Plate, who will be departing the agency this year.

We were lucky to have AV sponsor Lorikay (Stone) Photography on hand to capture some of our proudest moments.


ARTvision’s Main Event sales/donations

Event Pictures on SmugMug: VIP Preview | Main Event

Midway through ARTvision's VIP Preview Night

Midway through ARTvision’s VIP Preview Night

17 Dec. 
I met with a TV development rep (I won’t name her since we’re still in discussions) to discuss adapting Pizza for Good in to a series. More on that as the year unfolds, but it certainly is an exciting possibility. Keep your fingers crossed!

20 Dec.
Someone mentioned to me how much they love fontina cheese, and it got my wheels turning to develop a pizza based on that type of cheese. The result? “Fun Tina,” which is an olive-oil-and-lemon base, with grated fontina cheese, caramelized shallots and crispy kale. This pie became my new favorite in our arsenal; I’ll post the full recipe very soon.

30-31 Dec.
Cooking for The Annual NYE Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza is just as much fun as hosting the party itself. My co-host and sous chef Michele Segré and I churned out some super-tasty offerings. In addition to “Fun Tina,” we also crafted a wacky pie called “East Meets West,” which is an Asian-inspired glaze topped with mac ‘n cheese bites from Trader Joe’s, and

the finished "Fun Tina"

the finished “Fun Tina”

mozzarella. Pretty yummy stuff. We had a number of generous donations and great sales—all of which we’ll total up and post next week.

This event could not be a success without sponsors, volunteers, artists and attendees. My co-host Michele; our sponsors Baraonda, Rose Squared, Metro Gallery & Framing and Lorikay Photography; displaying artists like Leesa Brown, Greg Davis and Dee Ruff, among 20 others; and our many attendees of both the first ARTvision event and the New Year’s Eve pizza party—have all transformed a small gathering in to a change-making annual tradition.

Cheers to a fantastic 2015! This year, ARTvision will celebrate its 10th anniversary with “ARTiculate: Global Expressions.” More on that in the coming months.

For now, here’s how you can get involved: buy Pizza for Good | subscribe to Will’s mailing list | follow the PFG book blog

PFG: Buy it for the recipes… Use it to boost your community


Between Christmas & New Year’s Eve, A PFG Fund-raising Challenge

"Pizza for Good" chapter-heading design for the print version

“Pizza for Good” chapter-heading design for the print version

For those who celebrate, Christmas means many things to many people. I like to think of December 25th as a culminating day of giving back and starting to figure out what lies ahead in the coming year.

Here’s my way of finishing the year strong: buy Pizza for Good by Will Pollock in print on Etsy for $20, and I’ll give $5 to a charity of your choosing. This means that I still make some money from the sale of the book, and a deserving organization gets a token of goodwill from me before the end of the year.


Is $5 a ton of scratch? Of course not. While most charities welcome donations of any size, every bit helps.

So, here’s how to play:

1. Jump on my Etsy page and place your order.

2. Mention in the notes which charity you’d like me to support and why.

3. I’ll update this post with each and every charity we support in the coming week.

4. This challenge ends on 2 Jan. 2015, so get cracking!

Hope you and yours have a safe and happy holiday season. We’re gearing up for another great New Year’s Eve pizza bash, so stay tuned for a recap.

Opening page in PFG's preface

Opening page in PFG’s preface

#QuotableMondays: Truth is Like a Mosaic [World AIDS Day]


On a day of reflection for the 26th commemoration of World AIDS Day, we kick off ARTvision Atlanta‘s fund-raising season with a quote from a new artist presenting this year in support of Positive Impact. Dee Ruff, in her submission statement, talked a bit about how positive change and illumination do not always come in an instant:

“Having worked for more than 17 years as a MSW in health care, and 7 years in Medical Massage Therapy, I would be honored for my mosaic art to benefit Positive Impact. I reluctantly retired early from a beloved career because of some health issues (now mostly resolved). Shortly after retiring, I unexpectedly discovered mosaic art.

Positive change can transform disappointment into contentment. Positive change can transform PI clients into a state of peacefulness, and it can happen piece by piece, just like a mosaic. One of my favorite quotes: ‘There are very few human beings who receive the truth, complete and staggering, by instant illumination. Most of them acquire it fragment by fragment, on a small scale, by successive developments, cellularly, like a laborious mosaic.'” (Anaïs Nin)

ARTvision got its start in 2006 as an offshoot of my annual New Year’s Eve gourmet-pizza celebration, and would launch its online fundraising every 1st of December. ARTvision, now a stand-alone event that culminates at the NYE party, has raised more than $50,000 for Positive Impact. And it all leads back to the power of the pie—bringing people together to make a difference.

Pizza for Good tells that story at great length, and gives you the tips and tricks to do it yourself at home, to build your own community.

(And if you buy it for the fun, yummy recipes nobody would blame you.)

Watch for more posts from me this month about the connection between ARTvision, pizza power, PFG and Positive Impact. ARTvision kicks off its 9th year of fund-raising today, and will continue throughout the month of December. (read more)


#QuotableMondays: ‘Medicinal Purposes’ by Amy Neftzger

Author and researcher Amy Neftzger said the following: “Those pizzas I ate were for medicinal purposes.”

Loved the tongue-and-cheek quip from a fellow author who’s active on social media and obviously of quick wit. After reading the quote—which got a graphic treatment from none other than Domino’s pizza—I thought about changing two words to suit Pizza for Good fans:

“Those pizzas I made were for fund-raising purposes.” And that, in a quick-edit nutshell, is why I wrote PFG: to return pizza enjoyment to an in-home practice, so that it may help you help other folks in your community.

Follow Amy on Twitter and make sure to like her Facebook page, too.

Buy Now!

Buy Now!

Pizza for Good: Buy it for recipes… Use it for community

Reminder: Learn More about “Pizza for Good” at the Explore Tab

For a backstory on how Pizza for Good came to me an engine for building community, make sure to visit the Explore tab. Lots of good stuff there, including this mini doc created by Arno Hunter Myers. Enjoy!

San Diego Recap: Flying Flour & $520 for the Humane Society

Yes, we made a complete mess of the Sun-St. Michael’s kitchen, and it became a rockin’ restaurant for the evening. But it was a HUGE success, I’m proud to say. We had roughly 25 in attendance and made $520 in unfettered funds for the San Diego Humane Society.

Wayne, in his infinite wisdom, asked guests to submit images of pets, both living and passed on, and we created a video montage for the party:

Our pizzas turned out spectacularly well, too—with summer favorite CFWB as well as a few new tasty morsels:

QR: "Wild Card: Red Pepper Coulis"

QR: “Wild Card: Red Pepper Coulis”

QR: "San Diego Alligator Pear"

QR: “San Diego Alligator Pear”

QR: "Georgia Peach"

QR: “Georgia Peach”

I put on my video hat to get Wayne talking about the “Squash Blossom”—an equal parts beautiful and tasty white pizza. Have a look:

Most of all, thanks to all who attended and special thanks to Wayne, Ed and Zach for hosting us and allowing us to litter the floor with flour. There’s already talk of 2nd Annual party next fall! Until then, cheers…

Buy the book here, and make sure to follow me on Instagram for insider pics, recipe ideas and more.

PS: watch for one more San Diego mini doc about the entire event, with more pizza pics and cutaways. 😉