[VIDEO] Amazing Showing in Bethel for SCOTTY Fund & ‘Pizza for Good’

So many folks to thank for helping pull together this video. In no particular order:

  • Rachel, Chris, Ethan & Spencer Brown
  • Kyle Bowman
  • Linda Anderson & SCOTTY Fund
  • Perry Anastasakis & Famous Pizza (#Doughnators)
  • Arno Hunter Myers
  • Our army of event volunteers in Bethel

Thanks for sharing this video with your network! I want to show everyone how successful this Chowfunding model can be.

Between Christmas & New Year’s Eve, A PFG Fund-raising Challenge

"Pizza for Good" chapter-heading design for the print version

“Pizza for Good” chapter-heading design for the print version

For those who celebrate, Christmas means many things to many people. I like to think of December 25th as a culminating day of giving back and starting to figure out what lies ahead in the coming year.

Here’s my way of finishing the year strong: buy Pizza for Good by Will Pollock in print on Etsy for $20, and I’ll give $5 to a charity of your choosing. This means that I still make some money from the sale of the book, and a deserving organization gets a token of goodwill from me before the end of the year.


Is $5 a ton of scratch? Of course not. While most charities welcome donations of any size, every bit helps.

So, here’s how to play:

1. Jump on my Etsy page and place your order.

2. Mention in the notes which charity you’d like me to support and why.

3. I’ll update this post with each and every charity we support in the coming week.

4. This challenge ends on 2 Jan. 2015, so get cracking!

Hope you and yours have a safe and happy holiday season. We’re gearing up for another great New Year’s Eve pizza bash, so stay tuned for a recap.

Opening page in PFG's preface

Opening page in PFG’s preface

5 Reasons to Come See Me at Decatur Book Festival!

I have the great privilege to appear at the Emerging Authors Pavilion tomorrow (Sunday) from 3:20 – 3:30 p.m. My great thanks to Philip Rafshoon and Cindy Ellsbury for the opportunity! Why should you come to DBF during my appearance? I’m glad you asked!


1. The event is awesome. DBF is the largest independent book festival in the country, and one of the five-largest overall. I’ve attended in past years and it’s tremendously rewarding and fun—even if you’re not a book nerd. (more)

2. Free swag. I’m offering either a free t-shirt or baseball cap to the first 10 folks who buy a signed copy of “Pizza for Good” in print. For more on what these look like, go to my Etsy store. Just after my presentation, I’ll be signing books at the signing table.


3. Learn about “Chowfunding.” In the brief time I have on stage, I’ll retell the moment when I explained—on a tennis court no less—how “Pizza for Good” is a new combo-model of fundraising and chowing down. Hence, “Chowfunding.” I wrote a whole post about it here.

4. Mingle with great peeps. The atmosphere at DBF is friendly, vibrant and inviting. You’ll make new friends and have the opportunity to see some very cool up-and-coming folks, as well as some established authors and writers.

5. Digital bonus. Buyers of the print edition also will get a 75% coupon on the PFG digital edition, which has embedded video, additional professional photography (by me and Lorikay Stone). I’ll include a card with the coupon right there on-site. Here’s a video with bloopers in the making of the embedded video:

6. Hugs. You get a BONUS sixth reason to come see me: hugs. I’m darn good at them, and I want to thank everyone for supporting me through this crazy ride of first-time authorship. Come and get ’em!

(Cartoon courtesy of Buzzhunt)

(Cartoon courtesy of Buzzhunt)

Click over to my profile on the DBF website, or have a look at the Explore tab on this site. Both will give you great background as we go in to the fall season—which will be chock full of PFG events and news. Hope to see you tomorrow!


(photos courtesy of Brenda Knosher)


(photos courtesy of Brenda Knosher)

Big News! Printed Copies, San Diego Party & More

"Pizza for Good" chapter-heading design for the print version

“Pizza for Good” chapter-heading design for the print version

Are you the type that revels in cookbooks with worn pages and food stains? Well, you’re in luck—Pizza for Good is about to be a printed book in addition to an eBook. The print version is currently in production and will be released in mid August. Watch out for updates on it!

Zoe, our inspiration for this weekend's fundraising

Zoe, our inspiration for this weekend’s fundraising

In other big news, I’m proud to be co-hosting a Pizza for Good party in San Diego. My pals Wayne, Ed and their son Zach live out there and we’ll be raising money for the San Diego Humane Society. We are remembering their late-puppy Zoe, who passed away suddenly a few years ago. Triscuit will be coming with me on the trip and will of course be our mascot for the occasion. Watch for event pics next week. We’ll be turning their family in to a bunch of Pizza Do-gooders!

Finally, it’s my great pleasure to announce I’ll be appearing in the Emerging Authors Pavilion during Decatur Book Festival over Labor Day. Woot! It’s a fantastic honor and will help me tell the PFG story and meet lots of great folks. For more on that, click there.

Naggy Naggerton: if you haven’t bought the eBook yet, do so by going to the Buy Now link. And if you can leave us a review on Amazon we’ll love you forever, and you’ll also score some garden loot in the process. (learn more)

Hope the summer is going well! More recipes and post coming soon.


The Rise of ‘Chowfunding’


Last weekend I was suffering from a sore lower back – but I still drove out to Ackworth, Ga., to play a USTA league tennis match. I’m very glad I did, too, because it shows that sometimes creativity can emerge from the most unlikely of places.

Our opponents, Brian and Raj, were unbelievably nice and gracious to us—the city boys (Ken Shell was my partner) who had to drive nearly 45 minutes to get to our destination. Very often, discussions during court changeovers range from the mundane—like, “nice hold”—to other, more in-depth chats. We got to talking about professions, and then the question came around to me.

After I told Brian I was a freelance writer, he asked, “well, so what do you write?” After I told him my first passion is magazine-feature writing, here’s how the conversation went:

[me] “I also just published my first, book, too, which I’m really excited about.”
[Brian] “Good for you. Congratulations – what’s the topic?”
[me] “In a nutshell, it’s a blueprint on how to use homemade pizza to raise money in local communities.”
[Brian] “What a cool concept. So it’s like crowdfunding – an ask and a give?”
[me] “It’s actually more like a give and a give. I feed people and they donate to the charity I choose (Positive Impact). So it’s more like ‘Chowfunding.'”

I literally pulled that out of the air, on the fly—but it came when prompted by smart questions about Pizza for Good. And it’s all totally true: “Chowfunding” is alive and well elsewhere, too, as you’ll see in later PFG posts on restaurateurs who earmark time, energy and manpower to support local causes.

PS: just in case I snagged the domain Chowfunding.com – I know Rob O’Connor will be pleased. 😉

(Photo above: José Aponte playing an ALTA match/image by Will Pollock)