This ’12 Things’ Video is Eggs-cellent

This ’12 Things’ Video is Eggs-cellent

  Eggs are the unimpeachable king of breakfasts everywhere. If it were up to me, eggs wouldn't just be limited to morning grub, either. If you're a fan of eggs like I am, this video is definitely for you. Some of the slickest, cinema-grade production I've ever seen in a web-video. How is it related to [...]

(Still) Your Move, Chick-fil-A

Early on, in advance of Pizza for Good's release date last year, I wrote a post, "Your Move, Chick-fil-A," that talked about the pizza I created called "Closed on Sundays." That pie, which calls for a honey-mustard base with diced Chick-fil-A chicken strips and mozzarella cheese, became the break-out hit of the annual New Year's Eve gathering. The [...]

Your Move, Chick-fil-A

Author, ARTvision founder and NYE Gourmet Pizza chef Will Pollock makes a plea to the chicken-sandwich giant to support an Atlanta cause “In debating whether or not to visit Chick-fil-A due to their support of conservative, anti-LGBT causes, sometimes the sandwich wins.” Such was the thought of a Facebook commenter I spotted earlier this year, [...]