Next Saturday: ‘Pizza for Good’ in Bethel, Conn. for SCOTTY Fund

  More about SCOTTY Fund on their website: The goal of the SCOTTY Fund is two-fold. First, to help erase the financial burden associated with a critical illness. Grant money is given to children for medical expenses, transportation and other ancillary costs associated with the illness. Secondly, to provide family support including nightly meals, child care, [...]

#QuotableMondays: Truth is Like a Mosaic [World AIDS Day]

#QuotableMondays: Truth is Like a Mosaic [World AIDS Day]

On a day of reflection for the 26th commemoration of World AIDS Day, we kick off ARTvision Atlanta's fund-raising season with a quote from a new artist presenting this year in support of Positive Impact. Dee Ruff, in her submission statement, talked a bit about how positive change and illumination do not always come in [...]

Reminder: Learn More about “Pizza for Good” at the Explore Tab

For a backstory on how Pizza for Good came to me an engine for building community, make sure to visit the Explore tab. Lots of good stuff there, including this mini doc created by Arno Hunter Myers. Enjoy!

Huge Response: PFG Party in San Diego Tomorrow Night!

Tomorrow night, it's all about our furry children. We have more than 20 people RSVPed to "For the Pets," a party I'm co-hosting with Wayne Sun and Ed. St. Michael. They wanted to honor their beloved Zoe, whom they lost suddenly—and many of the party attendees will be honoring their own pets as they support [...]

(Still) Your Move, Chick-fil-A

Early on, in advance of Pizza for Good's release date last year, I wrote a post, "Your Move, Chick-fil-A," that talked about the pizza I created called "Closed on Sundays." That pie, which calls for a honey-mustard base with diced Chick-fil-A chicken strips and mozzarella cheese, became the break-out hit of the annual New Year's Eve gathering. The [...]

The Rise of ‘Chowfunding’

Last weekend I was suffering from a sore lower back - but I still drove out to Ackworth, Ga., to play a USTA league tennis match. I'm very glad I did, too, because it shows that sometimes creativity can emerge from the most unlikely of places. Our opponents, Brian and Raj, were unbelievably nice and [...]

“Pizza for Good” Launch Party Photos

“Pizza for Good” Launch Party Photos

Stranger hugs. Joe Biden traffic. Vibrator jokes. Raffle-prize winners. Oh yeah, we also had a book to launch, too.Thanks to all who attended the "Pizza for Good" book-release party at Baraonda Caffe - right in the heart of midtown Atlanta. We had a great turn-out despite traffic grinding to a halt during a visit by [...]