Another 5-Star Amazon Review of PFG!


“This book is a keeper,” says Kathy Segré of Pa. “Yummy and very creative pizza recipes and thought-provoking ideas for community-building and fund raising.”

Read the full review here. Thanks so much to Kathy!

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Free Loot: Summer Amazon-review Giveaway!


Yellow tomatoes and banana peppers from the garden

Yellow tomatoes and banana peppers from the garden

Basil pesto, organic yellow-tomato pizza sauce, pickled banana peppers.

These are just some of the items you could earn by leaving a Pizza for Good Amazon review this summer!

Why are Amazon reviews so important? They increase discoverability of the title, which means they’ll appear more in suggestions and searches across the site. For better or worse, Amazon has become the go-to place for folks looking for new books to devour.

What’s more, this is a GREAT way for me to connect with you, PFG readers and fans, in an “organic” way—pun definitely intended.

Here’s how it’ll work:

purchase PFG if you haven’t done so already
– go to this Amazon link and write a review
contact me directly and let me know the review is up
– give me your mailing address and BAM—you’ll have some garden-grown yumminess in a few days

And that’s the key: anything I send will be derived from items I’ve grown in my garden in Midtown Atlanta. no additives or preservatives.

I’ll reward 2-3 reviewers each month this summer, so get to making your reviews!

2014-06-16 18.51.32

First up: my famous basil-lemon pesto. So, get to reviewing and the first successful ones will get a jar of pesto! With your permission, I’ll also repost your review right here on the book blog.

Most of all, thanks for being a reader and getting involved in this summer of freebies!


PFG ‘Free Week’ Is Getting Major Ink!


We’re bouncing around the interwebs this week, notching at No. 1 across many of Amazon’s sections – thank you for that! Here’s a look at some sites where we landed:

…with more to follow I’m sure. Remember, this killer deal lasts until Friday. Time is ticking away. Please also consider leaving us a review on Amazon – this is a critical way for us to keep our results high after this week and beyond. 😉