Why Compost? Fully 1/3 of Global Food is Wasted

http://youtu.be/E-DuvERqT1g The BBC has a great series looking in to the issue of global food waste. From the "Horizons" blurb: From farm to fork, around a third of all the food we produce worldwide is wasted. This accounts for 1.3 billion tonnes each year, according to the UN Environment Programme and FAO. This costs the [...]

WATCH: Two Do-gooder Updates From Ethan Brown & Sara Benincasa

Two quick video updates for you! Ethan Brown is our first - he's the fabulously successful "mathemagician" profiled in the pages of Pizza for Good. Now attending Andover, he's carving out opportunities to appear at schools, libraries and conferences—and has created a video in support of that effort: http://youtu.be/wey_tpCCG98 "People are finally getting excited about [...]

What’s the Best Road to Healthy & Happy? Be a Volunteer

You read it right: volunteering is good for the ticker. And, from personal experience, it's good for your soul as well. A new study by the UnitedHealth Group, the Optimum Institute, and Mashable found that folks who gave of their time saw positive effects on their health. To wit: • 94% of survey respondents said that volunteering improved their [...]

Don’t Go to ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ For Pizza Tips

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0S4BKFEa720 I was home with my parents and caught a recent episode of "Hell's Kitchen" in which the entire episode was dedicated to gourmet pizza. I have to say for the record that I don't watch the show and have no plans to - Ramsay is a chef caricature, cussing the abusing people for ratings. [...]

Yes, The ‘Peepza’ is Actually a Thing

When you have a phrase in your post that reads, "it actually doesn't taste as bad as you might think," one has to wonder about the wisdom of posting it in the first place. In celebration of Easter Sunday, I give you The Peepza. Click over and enjoy. Watch for big things this week, including [...]

Checking In on Harlem Pizzerias

With news of the explosion in Harlem today, I'm putting off the Julia Child post until tomorrow. Instead, I decided to call and check in on a few pizza joints in and around the Harlem area after the huge explosion happened. New York City, for me, is the epicenter of pizza, where I learned at [...]