Monday Quotables: Expand with Courage

I joined a terrific networking site called, which is specifically for film and TV creative types. And I picked up this gem today from Twitter that I wanted to share: Make this week about expansion! And make sure to check out my Stage32 profile, as well as my "Pizza for Good" TV-show logline—appreciate [...]

‘Pizza for Good’ #QuotableMondays: Rocco DiSpirito says ‘Cooking is the Answer’ [VIDEO]

‘Pizza for Good’ #QuotableMondays: Rocco DiSpirito says ‘Cooking is the Answer’ [VIDEO] "How would you like to be a better parent? Or a better citizen?" Rocco DiSpirito asks pointedly in an appearance on CBS Sunday Morning. It was a compelling segment on the myriad reasons to cook fresh and at home, and since Pizza for Good, at its core, is about making America's favorite food at [...]

Quotable Mondays: A Recurring Feature on the PFG Blog

You might not immediately think of Pizza for Good as a personal development or empowerment vehicle, but the book VERY MUCH is exactly that. In support of that idea, I'll be posting "Quotable Monday" moments: pics, quotes and random thoughts from the book that are germane to our mission. First up—and, reminder, printed copies are coming—is a screen grab [...]