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Massive Success! Second ‘Pizza for Good’ in Bethel raises $1K for DAWS

We joined The Browns last weekend for a Pizza for Good party to raise money for DAWS—a local animal-welfare society. Our co-hosts Amy Platt & Tracy Brod helped greatly with behind-the-scenes work, and Will was assisted in the kitchen by incomparable sous chefs Chris, Ethan & Spencer Brown.


[BETHEL, CONN.] — Our sophomore Pizza for Good effort here in Bethel, Conn., was a fantastic success. Thanks to all who came out, donated and volunteered! This time around we were raising money (aka “Chowfunding“) for Danbury Animal Welfare Society—after all was said in done we made right around $1K for the group’s effort to care for area animals. Exact fund-raising total to follow shortly.

Meantime, we featured a number of great pizzas ripped right from the pages of PFG, including:

  • Pimento & Sissy: scratch-made pimento cheese
  • <head tilt> Bless Your Heart: peaches & prosciutto
  • Pi: cherry glaze, bacon & apple
  • Popeye & Olive Oil: sautéed spinach, lemon

I found a bottle of Soy Vey Hoisin marinade and made an asian-fusion chicken pizza out of it—very yum. Some of the tastier pies come from using up supplies from the fridge!

I was especially proud of a pizza I made on the side. It’s called “Prretty for Ze Prrom,” and it’s an homage to a night out that Rachel and I had before her prom. Dressed in formal wear, we went to our normal diner hangout on 79th and Broadway and ordered grilled cheese with bacon. The waitress came over and said “you look so prrrrety for ze prrrrom!” And that nickname stuck.

“Prrety for Ze Prrom”—an improvised pizza based on a visit to a NYC diner.

So to honor Rachel’s birthday, I made the pizza version of a grilled cheese with bacon. Par-bake your pizza dough and make sure to brush the outside of the top with either butter or egg wash (for crisping) and sprinkle with kosher salt and pepper. BOOM! We got ourselves a tasty grilled-cheese-bacon in the form a pizza.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I heard lots of “oohing” and “ahhing” over the pies so it sounded like the hungry masses were psyched once again. My great thanks, as always, go out to the entire Brown family—Chris, Rachel, Ethan, Spencer & Waldo—for hosting! These parties give their host homes a beating so it’s always much appreciated.

Watch the quick recap video here, and if you haven’t scored your copy of PFG yet, please do. More to follow! 🔵



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‘Pizza for Good’ in Bethel—Round Two!


We’re gathering today in Bethel for our 2nd Pizza for Good event—this time we’ll be raising funds for Danbury Animal Welfare Society (DAWS). For more than 40 years DAWS has been working in the community to enhance the lives of troubled animals and fostering the wellbeing of dogs and cats. DAWS launched in 1974 as small operation of improving the lives of animals at the Danbury pound to opening its own clinic and providing education to the surrounding area.

Our hosts are once again Rachel, Chris, Ethan & Spencer Brown. And best of all: today is Rachel’s birthday! So we’ll be celebrating her as we raise money for DAWS. Thank you SO much to all of our PFG in Bethel volunteers, too, who’ve pitched in big time to make sure the event is a big success.

Big thanks also go out to Perry Anastasakis & Famous Pizza for returning as our Doughnators. We have 30 rounds of scratch-made pizza dough thanks to them!

Please consider supporting DAWS and make sure to score your copy of Pizza for Good—as an enhanced eBook and in print! We’ll post event pics and recipes here later. ❏

@Mashable Asks: Is Pizza the New Resistance? @bywillpollock

New Zealand the country has always been a place I’ve wanted to visit. But it has a pizzeria that’s now on my must list.

Filadelfio’s Gardens created a pizza last week that spoof’s Donald Trump’s idea of a border wall with Mexico. In case you’d like to make it yourself: the pie is half Americana and half Mexican, with BBQ sauce chiseled the middle representing the wall. “Think we’ll call this one the ‘Trump,'” the post read. “Yes we’re open today.”

Resistance to Trump takes many forms these days, but to see it in a pizza is a great thing. Read the whole Mashable article here by Joseph Earp—and have a look at the history of pizza, here:




Fighting cancer and for freedom of the press

This is an amazing read. highly recommended!

Isaac Avilucea

Whirlwind week. I wanted to give everyone an update, and hopefully, some relief after I was admitted to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in Hamilton last week.

I’m sure some of you heard the news in an article via The Daily Beast that touched on the prior restraint fight I’ve been involved with in New Jersey regarding my reporting on a 5-year-old kindergarten student in Trenton who was found with drugs twice at school in two months.

It had been shaping into a whopper of a fight featuring the state Attorney General, The Trentonian and me and had attracted the glare of the national and local media and the Society of Professional Journalists.

My focus had been squarely on that until last week, when I got sucker-punched with another cancer diagnosis. photo illustration.PNG

Since then, I have been put on a cocktail of drugs and have been run through a battery of…

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Best-ever Donations for San Diego Humane Society (RECAP)

dsc_0039We took PFG on the road again—and it paid off big time!

Our 2nd Annual Pizza for Good Party in support of San Diego Humane Society was a huge hit—great attendance and a record haul of nearly $1,500.

In addition to the many individual donations, we had a ton of support from the local community to make this record haul happen.


Dang Brother Pizza dough—excellent!

Dang Brother Pizza was our “dough-nation” sponsor. I’ve worked with a ton of dough over roughly 15 years as a pizza chef, and theirs was some of the best I’ve ever used. We paid exactly $0.00 for the base element of our creative pies, which helped us spend more money on toppings. Thanks guys!

Catalina Offshore Products donated use of a mobile Italia Mobile Pizza Oven by Camp Chef, not to mention supplying us with a Hawaiian fish called Opah. The fish formed the basis of our first-ever “San Diego Fish Taco,” and unusual and yummy pie that got rave reviews. Great thanks to Tommy Gomes (see below) for his support.


Important to be clear about our mission: supporting the great work of the San Diego Humane Society—in business since 1880. They work to reduce euthanasia of otherwise healthy animals, and by July 2015 reduced the number down to zero. (read the full history here)

Related: footage of the Dang Brother pizza-truck construction
and a tour of Catalina Offshore



MAKE SURE to patronize these businesses, because they’ve shown their support for our effort and, indirectly, SDHS. So, book a Dang Brother event or go online and get some amazing, sushi-grade fish and have it delivered from Catalina. With a name like that how could you go wrong?

With many, many thanks to all attendees, sponsors and volunteers—and of course our hosts, Wayne, Ed—Triscuit and I are looking forward to doing it all again in 2017! Mark your calendars now. ❏


2nd Annual Pizza for Good in San Diego: the Prep Photos

“CFWB” (Chapter 7 in Pizza for Good) is afoot in San Diego. Fresh local corn, garden-grown basil and lemons, and other yumminess. Here’s a snapshot of what we’re up to.

tip: don’t let pulp go to waste.

Wayne and I had a blast shopping for ingredients. All proceeds to the San Diego Humane Society. More soon!