#QuotableMondays: ‘We Have to Love Each Other’

from left: Will Pollock, Lucas Schneider, Rob O'Connor & Alexis Vear at the "Pizza for Good" book-release party

from left: Will Pollock, Lucas Schneider, Rob O’Connor & Alexis Vear at the “Pizza for Good” book-release party

In Episode 1 of my podcast, “The Pizza Dish,” I speak to NYC-based software developer (and longtime pal) Rob O’Connor about a number of pizza-related topics, including:

  • DNA on pizza crust implicates Daron Dylan Wint in D.C.’s “Mansion Murders“—what are the civil-liberty implications?
  • What will happen to Memories Pizza? What will the long-term impact be of the Religious Freedom Act on Indiana?

“Are they collecting DNA for people charged and not convicted?” is a topic that came up during the podcast. Actually, the answer varies by state. HNGN has a great post up about the subject, and you can read the entire thing here. Some states collect DNA in light of serious charges like murder; others only do it post-conviction. In both cases, DNA collection raises serious constitutional questions that nobody is talking about, which was brought to light by this unusual DNA discovery on a pizza crust.

‘First sign of a declining society’
I don’t usually quote myself for #QuotableMondays, but I made an exception this week. Talking about the reaction (and the reaction to the reaction) to Indiana and Mike Pence’s Religious Freedom Act:

“We have to love each other. The first knee-jerk reaction is to shut each other down and not listen to each other. and that’s the first sign of a declining society when we just preach in a silo and we don’t listen to each other. I don’t agree with their position, but I also want them to be able to express their religious beliefs without them being persecuted. We’re better as a society with a conversation.”

Related: read my post, #PizzaforAll, right here on the book blog

Listen to the full first episode of “The Pizza Dish” below, and thanks for sharing with your pals! – Will Pollock

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