#QuotableMondays: EVOO from Italy, Under Pressure

“One thing is clear: We can’t take olive oil for granted.”

The piece’s nut graph:

“More than any time in recent memory, olive oil is an increasingly precious commodity. Last year’s harvest was severely damaged by extreme heat, torrential rains and hailstorms, as well as a devastating fruit fly infestation. But even worse, a few regions to the south, in Puglia, olive trees have suffered a catastrophic bacterial infection that has wiped out at least one million trees. It’s been a disastrous year. Some experts predict many olive farms will go out of business; others foresee skyrocketing prices. One thing is clear: We can’t take olive oil for granted.”

Before you assume EVOO will always be at your fingertips and at the exact same price, read this piece in full on the NYT’s website.

Best ‘Pizza for Good’ Twitter Fan in the History of ‘Mankind’

Check out this tweet:

“Pizza for Good. Mozzarella for Mankind. Pepperoni for People.” so many awesome taglines—my work is done here.

Henceforth we have our #QuotableMondays early! Great thanks to my Austin gal pal Lady Theo for the tweet.

When you tweet about Pizza for Good, tag me @bywillpollock and with #GoodRising and I’ll feature it right here on the book blog!

Happy Memorial Day 2015!

Tonight’s Dinner Would Make for a Spiffy Pizza

I’m lightly marinating two chicken breasts in orange-ginger dressing, and will coat the breasts in panko before baking.

I’ll update with pics of the finished product.

General cooking instructions:

  • place breasts in a plastic bag
  • season and coat with EVOO, salt & pepper
  • add in small amount marinade; coat evenly but do not over-saturate
  • refrigerate for at least 1 hour (I sometimes marinate overnight)
  • remove breasts and place in a small stainless bowl
  • coat with panko; bake on 375º until golden brown

Cooking time depends on oven and quantity. Plan on between 10-20 minutes. Pics to follow!

This ’12 Things’ Video is Eggs-cellent


The finished egg salad product.


Eggs are the unimpeachable king of breakfasts everywhere.

If it were up to me, eggs wouldn’t just be limited to morning grub, either. If you’re a fan of eggs like I am, this video is definitely for you. Some of the slickest, cinema-grade production I’ve ever seen in a web-video.

How is it related to Pizza for Good? Aside from being just a cool thing you need to see, PFG has a chapter all about egg salad pizza called “Edible ‘Za,” a play on the egg slogan. But you have to buy the book to get the recipe! My custom concoction comes with a kick of horseradish and a lot of other yummy flavors. Here’s an excerpt:

“The egg has earned a rotten rap over the years. ‘The ingrained misconception linking egg consumption to high-blood cholesterol and heart disease must be corrected,’ wrote professor Bruce Griffin in the British Nutrition Foundation’s Bulletin, as reported by BBC. ‘The amount of saturated fat in our diet exerts an effect on blood cholesterol that is several times greater than the relatively small amounts of dietary cholesterol.’ The once-maligned White Orbs of Evil are, actually, an excellent source of the protein and unsaturated fat that our bodies need. What’s more, the egg, treated kindly and wisely, can make for quite the snappy pizza.”

Eggs play a big part in a few recipes that call for breading. We can’t make Chick-fil-A chicken breasts from scratch without it, for example.

One final tidbit: I had no idea what graved eggs are, but now I want them in my mouth all the days of the year. Enjoy.

#QuotableMondays: Last Week Tonight & ‘Abomination Pizza’ (NSFW)

I was catching up on Last Week Tonight over the weekend, and stumbled over a reference to the grossly mass-manufactured pies of Pizza Hut. Oliver made the quip as an aside about a piece on Dr. Oz as a snake-oil salesman. Here’s the quote, and then the clip:


“Just because some bread, tomatoes, and cheese got black-out drunk and fucked each other in an abandoned dumpster doesn’t mean that you get to call the resulting abomination ‘pizza.’”

Pajiba has a post up that encapsulates the segment well, with lots of F bombs and delicious smack-downs: “John Oliver’s Explanation of the First Amendment is a Must Read for Every Dumbass Troll on the Internet.” A-freakin-men.

Pizza Hut image credit: Kunal Janu