Next Saturday: ‘Pizza for Good’ in Bethel, Conn. for SCOTTY Fund


Our “Pizza for Good” event in Bethel, Conn., will be held next weekend!


More about SCOTTY Fund on their website:

The goal of the SCOTTY Fund is two-fold. First, to help erase the financial burden associated with a critical illness. Grant money is given to children for medical expenses, transportation and other ancillary costs associated with the illness. Secondly, to provide family support including nightly meals, child care, errand running and grocery shopping.

SCOTTY Fund has awarded nearly $1M in grants to those in need, which is awesome. Our event is up to nearly 50 guests and counting, so we’re hoping to add to the company’s totals.

We’ll be posting new recipes, photos, video and a full recap afterward. Please consider supporting Scotty Fund, here.


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