#QuotableMondays: Top Chef’s Gregory Gourdet Talks Jacques & Julia


Although he’s seen his fair share of ups and down on Season 12 of Bravo TV’s “Top Chef,” Gregory Gourdet has made it all the way to the final three. I interviewed Gourdet for an upcoming piece at TheBacklot.com, which will be posted this Wednesday.

Of all the irreverent weeks of themed shows, Gourdet says the Julia Child episode was one of his favorites. Have a listen to him discussing Child and an appearance by Child’s friend Jacques Pépin:

“It was really exciting to be inspired by Julia and be able to recreate some of her cuisine,” he says. “Definitely one of the highlights of the season because I wasn’t expecting it.”

Below is the episode in its entirety. The audio is messed up on this clip, but I marked it right when the “Cheftestants” are shown what their theme will be that week:

Why is this related to Pizza for Good? Because there’s an entire chapter dedicated to Julia Child called “Only Child,” with my spin on a chicken piccata pizza. So, you simply must buy it now to get the recipe in full and read the full text.

Hope you all enjoy. And make sure to click over to TheBacklot.com on Wednesday for my post on Gregory. He’s a charming and well-spoken guy.


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