[VIDEO] Happy Thanksgiving from Will & ‘Pizza for Good’

As we enter the 2014 holiday home-stretch, just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the followers of the Pizza for Good book blog… past, present and future! Here are a few pieces of video candy for you to enjoy in the days leading up to Thanksgiving:

“There’s a joy in reaching for something more.” Have a look at the PFG mini-doc:

Also (with a h/t to Jason Maynard), here’s a gal named Mary Risely whose no-nonsense approach to Turkey Day is rather refreshing:

Finally, have a look at my gal pal Nancy Giles as she test-drives a new, wifi-enabled crock pot that is now on my shopping list:

Pizza for Good is a great way to enjoy pizza and to bring people together for the holidays. Buy it today—the eBook OR the print version—and you won’t regret it! As always, online reviews are greatly appreciated.

Most of all, cheers to a safe and happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

Pizza for GoodBuy it for the recipes, use it to build community #GoodRising

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