#QuotableMondays: ‘Create Community by Offering All You Have’ – DJ Donpasta

How is this the first I’ve ever heard of DJ Donpasta? Whatever chef cred I had should be revoked, clearly.

Gliding between the soundtable and butcher block with gleeful ease, DJ Donpasta (otherwise known as Daniele de Michele, an author, DJ and exhibition cook) proves that, YES—you can be a master at many things.

Michele spoke to Lara Rabinovitch at The Daily Good for a profile, and he had some great thoughts about how food—you know, the fresh kind you make at home—is a key ingredient for building community. From the story:

De Michele sees food-oriented gatherings as central to building community and preserving cultural memory—they’re political acts, in his view. “It sounds crazy, but when I try to explain parmigiana you can see how society in the south of Italy works. You have the respect of the season; you have the respect of the work of the people that prepare the tomatoes… You have the respect of tradition. I think the parmigiana is a metaphor for the persistence of tradition and resistance to modern globalization and corporatization of food. You create a community by offering all you have. To create community—to create emotion, a sensation, a connection to memory—you need to make a party, and for me, parmigiana is an instrument.”

Treat yourself to some of his books, or check out his website. He’s quite a character, and I obviously won’t be able to live until try his eggplant parm. 😉

#QuotableMondays is an ongoing series that highlights trailblazers, pizza do-gooders and pioneers in the culinary industry. Subscribe to the PFG blog for your Monday fix!


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