#TBT: Back to Our Pizza Roots (Circa. 2002)

After a long pause in posting, I’m back with a vengeance! Let’s celebrate #ThrowbackThursday with a few snapshots from where Pizza for Good got its start.

The whole concept grew out of an offhanded conversation I had with Dennis “Deno” Oswald; I asked him what kind of new and fun party theme I could use for my New Year’s Eve party in 2002. I had just moved back to Atlanta from grad school and wanted to get something cool going. He suggested a gourmet-pizza bash since I had just cooked pizza for him the night before and he remarked on how good they were.

Dennis Oswald

Dennis Oswald

Little did I know it was to be the spark of something much bigger than that day. After the party grew, in 2006 I launched a piggyback charity in conjunction with the pizza party and BAM—ARTvision Atlanta was born. Cut to today, and ARTvision has raised more than $50,000 for charity, and we of course now know you, too, can buy and use Pizza for Good to do the exact same thing in your local community.

Here’s a collection of pictures from that fateful evening. We all look quite a bit more, um, “youthful,” but many of those folks are even more lively and full of spunk than they were back then!

Cheers to many more years of pizza-making.

pizza4 pizza15 pizza13 pizza12 2 pizza11 pizza10 pizza9 pizza7 pizza3

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