#TBT: Back to Our Pizza Roots (Circa. 2002)

After a long pause in posting, I’m back with a vengeance! Let’s celebrate #ThrowbackThursday with a few snapshots from where Pizza for Good got its start.

The whole concept grew out of an offhanded conversation I had with Dennis “Deno” Oswald; I asked him what kind of new and fun party theme I could use for my New Year’s Eve party in 2002. I had just moved back to Atlanta from grad school and wanted to get something cool going. He suggested a gourmet-pizza bash since I had just cooked pizza for him the night before and he remarked on how good they were.

Dennis Oswald

Dennis Oswald

Little did I know it was to be the spark of something much bigger than that day. After the party grew, in 2006 I launched a piggyback charity in conjunction with the pizza party and BAM—ARTvision Atlanta was born. Cut to today, and ARTvision has raised more than $50,000 for charity, and we of course now know you, too, can buy and use Pizza for Good to do the exact same thing in your local community.

Here’s a collection of pictures from that fateful evening. We all look quite a bit more, um, “youthful,” but many of those folks are even more lively and full of spunk than they were back then!

Cheers to many more years of pizza-making.

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‘Pizza for Good’ #QuotableMondays: High-tech Pizza? Yes!

graphic courtesy AndNowLaugh on Pinterest

graphic courtesy AndNowLaugh on Pinterest

Now you can be impressed by technology AND enjoy pizza—at the same time! Pizza for Good is one of the most interactive, embedded-video-fancy eBooks on the market today. Buy it for the recipes, or go the whole 9 and throw a fund-raising party.

There’s also a print edition to complement the digital version, so… the choice is yours.

Either way, you can download pizza and make a big difference in your community in the process.


‘Pizza for Good’ Sunday Funday: Humid, Sweaty and Fun!

2014-08-31 18.10.52

I didn’t expect to appear at Decatur Book Festival and end up apologizing so much. Why?

Because it was SO hot in Decatur that day I was sweating profusely—and I unintentionally dampened many of the pages of Pizza for Good I was signing.

In all seriousness, it was a truly memorable event and I feel very lucky I was included within the Emerging Authors stable of writers. A big honor indeed, and I hope to go back next year in some capacity if they’ll have me.

Most of all, my great thanks to all the folks who came out to see me and cheered me on. It meant the world to have smiling, familiar faces in the audience who were sweating right along with me! (Thank yous to: Philip Rafshoon, Cindy Ellsbury, Valerie Boyd)


Will Pollock (left), pictured with Grant Hunter, the winner of the “Pizza for Good” raffle prize.

I also appeared at The Peach International Tennis Championships banquet selling books and swag, and making a presentation. I sold one copy of the book and gave another one away for their raffle, so it was a great success all the way around. My thanks to the entire tournament folks, especially Thanh Doan, for the hospitality.

Here’s a video montage of the Pizza for Good Funday Sunday:

A major announcement is coming about an event in October—which is National Pizza Month. Stay tuned!


Congrats to Rachel Brown: First PFG Print Buyer on Etsy!


Reminder: get your copy of Pizza for Good in print today. quantities are limited! I have shirts and caps for sale on Etsy, too, so make sure to jump on over and check it out.

A full weekend wrap-up is coming soon! To those great folks who came out to DBF and purchased books, I owe you swag. Get in touch and I’ll make sure it gets to you.