Decatur’s No. 246: Authentic Italian Farm-to-table Cuisine

Had a terrific visit today at Decatur, Ga.'s own No. 246, which is part of the Rocket Farm Restaurant Group. We discussed ideas around my upcoming appearance at Decatur Book Festival—but the star of the show was by far the pizza we had. I'll try to do it justice: heirloom mushrooms, roasted Sun Gold tomatoes [...]

Free Loot: Summer Amazon-review Giveaway!

  Basil pesto, organic yellow-tomato pizza sauce, pickled banana peppers. These are just some of the items you could earn by leaving a Pizza for Good Amazon review this summer! Why are Amazon reviews so important? They increase discoverability of the title, which means they'll appear more in suggestions and searches across the site. For better [...]

QR: Stuffed Banana Peppers!

stuffed garden-grown banana peppers 1⃣ mix stuffing: Boursin cheese, feta, almonds, apple, salt & pepper 2⃣ cut ends off peppers, remove seeds thoroughly 3⃣ wash in egg, cover in seasoned almond meal 4⃣ drop in high-heat canola oil for 5-6 minutes -- drain on a towel and serve! I served the finished product over mixed [...]

Why Compost? Fully 1/3 of Global Food is Wasted The BBC has a great series looking in to the issue of global food waste. From the "Horizons" blurb: From farm to fork, around a third of all the food we produce worldwide is wasted. This accounts for 1.3 billion tonnes each year, according to the UN Environment Programme and FAO. This costs the [...]