Big News! Printed Copies, San Diego Party & More

"Pizza for Good" chapter-heading design for the print version

“Pizza for Good” chapter-heading design for the print version

Are you the type that revels in cookbooks with worn pages and food stains? Well, you’re in luck—Pizza for Good is about to be a printed book in addition to an eBook. The print version is currently in production and will be released in mid August. Watch out for updates on it!

Zoe, our inspiration for this weekend's fundraising

Zoe, our inspiration for this weekend’s fundraising

In other big news, I’m proud to be co-hosting a Pizza for Good party in San Diego. My pals Wayne, Ed and their son Zach live out there and we’ll be raising money for the San Diego Humane Society. We are remembering their late-puppy Zoe, who passed away suddenly a few years ago. Triscuit will be coming with me on the trip and will of course be our mascot for the occasion. Watch for event pics next week. We’ll be turning their family in to a bunch of Pizza Do-gooders!

Finally, it’s my great pleasure to announce I’ll be appearing in the Emerging Authors Pavilion during Decatur Book Festival over Labor Day. Woot! It’s a fantastic honor and will help me tell the PFG story and meet lots of great folks. For more on that, click there.

Naggy Naggerton: if you haven’t bought the eBook yet, do so by going to the Buy Now link. And if you can leave us a review on Amazon we’ll love you forever, and you’ll also score some garden loot in the process. (learn more)

Hope the summer is going well! More recipes and post coming soon.


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