San Diego Recap: Flying Flour & $520 for the Humane Society

Yes, we made a complete mess of the Sun-St. Michael's kitchen, and it became a rockin' restaurant for the evening. But it was a HUGE success, I'm proud to say. We had roughly 25 in attendance and made $520 in unfettered funds for the San Diego Humane Society. Wayne, in his infinite wisdom, asked guests [...]

Travel & Leisure’s Call For #howisummer Photos

  Although I object to using "summer" as a verb at all times, Travel & Leisure is running a spiffy social-media campaign to get users to tag their Instagrams with #howisummer. some of the entries are pretty neat—and, with partner Food & Wine magazine, it's food-specific (although many of the images tagged are not of food, [...]

Quotable Mondays: A Recurring Feature on the PFG Blog

You might not immediately think of Pizza for Good as a personal development or empowerment vehicle, but the book VERY MUCH is exactly that. In support of that idea, I'll be posting "Quotable Monday" moments: pics, quotes and random thoughts from the book that are germane to our mission. First up—and, reminder, printed copies are coming—is a screen grab [...]

Huge Response: PFG Party in San Diego Tomorrow Night!

Tomorrow night, it's all about our furry children. We have more than 20 people RSVPed to "For the Pets," a party I'm co-hosting with Wayne Sun and Ed. St. Michael. They wanted to honor their beloved Zoe, whom they lost suddenly—and many of the party attendees will be honoring their own pets as they support [...]

Big News! Printed Copies, San Diego Party & More

Are you the type that revels in cookbooks with worn pages and food stains? Well, you're in luck—Pizza for Good is about to be a printed book in addition to an eBook. The print version is currently in production and will be released in mid August. Watch out for updates on it! In other big [...]

7 Sauces That Taste Better Homemade (NYT)

The New York Times has a fabulously simple piece up today about making sauces at home - many of which you can use as the base of a spiffy pizza! Best of all, YOU control the ingredients and can make it an organic concoction or one with super-fresh ingredients. There are a number of great [...]