What’s the Best Road to Healthy & Happy? Be a Volunteer

Graphic from the study


You read it right: volunteering is good for the ticker. And, from personal experience, it’s good for your soul as well.

A new study by the UnitedHealth Group, the Optimum Institute, and Mashable found that folks who gave of their time saw positive effects on their health. To wit:

• 94% of survey respondents said that volunteering improved their mood.
• 80% reported feeling in better control of their health.
• 78% said they had lower stress levels.
• 95% said they are making their community a better place.

Pizza for Good is built around volunteering and giving back. The book is a blueprint on how you can rally folks around you, your friends and family, as well as others, to make a big difference in your community. Take a look at the quote from this Freelancer Union article:

“The Quiet Revolution is happening. Freelancers are moving away from consumption and towards connection and becoming more conscious about what their purchases mean for themselves and their neighbors.

They’re also spending more of their time volunteering in their local communities. And, as it turns out, this doesn’t just benefit their neighbors, but their physical and mental health as well.”

Over the summer months, you’ll see PFG parties in action where we make some pies, bring together communities, and raise money and awareness for certain causes. So make sure to follow this blog, sign up for my mailing list and watch Twitter for updates.

If you buy PFG, you’ll be able to throw a party of your own with some of the tastiest and most unique recipes on the planet.

Bottom line: give back to your community and you’ll be giving yourself a gift of good health.



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