WATCH: Two Do-gooder Updates From Ethan Brown & Sara Benincasa

Two quick video updates for you! Ethan Brown is our first - he's the fabulously successful "mathemagician" profiled in the pages of Pizza for Good. Now attending Andover, he's carving out opportunities to appear at schools, libraries and conferences—and has created a video in support of that effort: "People are finally getting excited about [...]

Easy Basil Hummus!

1⃣ can of chick peas 2⃣ sautéed minced garlic 3⃣ bunch of basil 4⃣ extra virgin olive oil 5⃣ tahini (optional) 6⃣ juice of one lemon 7⃣ salt, pepper, cumin to taste --- throw it all in a food processor, chill before serving. (specific recipe in the pages of "Pizza for Good") #yummy #recipe

PFG ‘Free Week’ Is Getting Major Ink!

We're bouncing around the interwebs this week, notching at No. 1 across many of Amazon's sections - thank you for that! Here's a look at some sites where we landed: Money Saving Mom Wandertaste Utah Sweet Savings Books on the Knob Centsable shoppin' ...with more to follow I'm sure. Remember, this killer deal lasts until Friday. [...]

Killer Deal: ‘Pizza for Good’ is Free This Week!

You might clip coupons, or search for discount codes... but now all you need is a few keystrokes—and you're done! All this week, Pizza for Good is free to all buyers on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. All we ask is that you leave a review, which will help us stay at the top of search [...]

What’s the Best Road to Healthy & Happy? Be a Volunteer

You read it right: volunteering is good for the ticker. And, from personal experience, it's good for your soul as well. A new study by the UnitedHealth Group, the Optimum Institute, and Mashable found that folks who gave of their time saw positive effects on their health. To wit: • 94% of survey respondents said that volunteering improved their [...]