WATCH: Two Do-gooder Updates From Ethan Brown & Sara Benincasa

Two quick video updates for you! Ethan Brown is our first – he’s the fabulously successful “mathemagician” profiled in the pages of Pizza for Good. Now attending Andover, he’s carving out opportunities to appear at schools, libraries and conferences—and has created a video in support of that effort:

“People are finally getting excited about math again,” and Ethan is working to make sure that happens.

Sara Benincasa is our next update. She’s not in the pages of PFG, but IS doing some great work with her kickstarter project, “This Tour is so Gay.” She needs just a few more dollars to make her comedy tour and LGBTQ volunteer work a reality:

Hope you enjoy. Make sure to give to Sara’s effort and share both videos widely. They’re great peeps who need our support!

Big things are in the works this summer. Stay tuned. – WP

PFG ‘Free Week’ Is Getting Major Ink!


We’re bouncing around the interwebs this week, notching at No. 1 across many of Amazon’s sections – thank you for that! Here’s a look at some sites where we landed:

…with more to follow I’m sure. Remember, this killer deal lasts until Friday. Time is ticking away. Please also consider leaving us a review on Amazon – this is a critical way for us to keep our results high after this week and beyond. 😉

Killer Deal: ‘Pizza for Good’ is Free This Week!

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Buy Now!

You might clip coupons, or search for discount codes… but now all you need is a few keystrokes—and you’re done!

All this week, Pizza for Good is free to all buyers on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. All we ask is that you leave a review, which will help us stay at the top of search results and keep our momentum going.

Why would you want to explore Pizza for Good? I’m glad you asked:

  • Learn more about how you can build community and raise money for your favorite causes
  • Return pizza to freshly made, locally derived ingredients
  • Become part of a growing community of “Chowfunders” who can change the world with a single gathering
  • Rally your friends and have a blast in the process

So what are you waiting for?

Click over to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble for your free copy—and enjoy 20+ recipes, embedded video and professional photography. PFG is now No. 1 with a bullet on Amazon’s pizza-baking list, and we want to stay there!

Cheers and enjoy,

– WP

Pizza for Good (available at Agate DigitalAmazoniTunes or B&N) is a video-enhanced eBook chronicling the themed, gourmet-pizza party that sparked a non-profit movement – and how you can do the same. Pizza for Good is an inspiring and entertaining cookbook, memoir, and philanthropic guide to building local community through America’s favorite food. Will Pollock, the founder of the charitable artists’ collaborative ARTvision and an Atlanta-based writer and journalist, has created 20 unique recipes for specialty pizzas that emphasize locally sourced ingredients and come with a heaping amount of helpful kitchen tips. But Pizza for Good is also a funny, moving, and thought-provoking series of stories about Will’s personal experience in creating a philanthropic arts organization and his community-building efforts as achieved through pizza. His aim is to not only give readers brand new ways to think about their favorite food, but to offer straightforward advice on how they can start their own “Pizza for Good” events for the causes that mean the most to them.

Make fresh. Buy local. Build community. Raise money. #GoodRising


What’s the Best Road to Healthy & Happy? Be a Volunteer

Graphic from the study


You read it right: volunteering is good for the ticker. And, from personal experience, it’s good for your soul as well.

A new study by the UnitedHealth Group, the Optimum Institute, and Mashable found that folks who gave of their time saw positive effects on their health. To wit:

• 94% of survey respondents said that volunteering improved their mood.
• 80% reported feeling in better control of their health.
• 78% said they had lower stress levels.
• 95% said they are making their community a better place.

Pizza for Good is built around volunteering and giving back. The book is a blueprint on how you can rally folks around you, your friends and family, as well as others, to make a big difference in your community. Take a look at the quote from this Freelancer Union article:

“The Quiet Revolution is happening. Freelancers are moving away from consumption and towards connection and becoming more conscious about what their purchases mean for themselves and their neighbors.

They’re also spending more of their time volunteering in their local communities. And, as it turns out, this doesn’t just benefit their neighbors, but their physical and mental health as well.”

Over the summer months, you’ll see PFG parties in action where we make some pies, bring together communities, and raise money and awareness for certain causes. So make sure to follow this blog, sign up for my mailing list and watch Twitter for updates.

If you buy PFG, you’ll be able to throw a party of your own with some of the tastiest and most unique recipes on the planet.

Bottom line: give back to your community and you’ll be giving yourself a gift of good health.