WATCH: Two Do-gooder Updates From Ethan Brown & Sara Benincasa

Two quick video updates for you! Ethan Brown is our first - he's the fabulously successful "mathemagician" profiled in the pages of Pizza for Good. Now attending Andover, he's carving out opportunities to appear at schools, libraries and conferences—and has created a video in support of that effort: "People are finally getting excited about [...]

PFG ‘Free Week’ Is Getting Major Ink!

We're bouncing around the interwebs this week, notching at No. 1 across many of Amazon's sections - thank you for that! Here's a look at some sites where we landed: Money Saving Mom Wandertaste Utah Sweet Savings Books on the Knob Centsable shoppin' ...with more to follow I'm sure. Remember, this killer deal lasts until Friday. [...]

Killer Deal: ‘Pizza for Good’ is Free This Week!

You might clip coupons, or search for discount codes... but now all you need is a few keystrokes—and you're done! All this week, Pizza for Good is free to all buyers on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. All we ask is that you leave a review, which will help us stay at the top of search [...]

What’s the Best Road to Healthy & Happy? Be a Volunteer

You read it right: volunteering is good for the ticker. And, from personal experience, it's good for your soul as well. A new study by the UnitedHealth Group, the Optimum Institute, and Mashable found that folks who gave of their time saw positive effects on their health. To wit: • 94% of survey respondents said that volunteering improved their [...]