Refreshed Content, Menus & More!

I took a few minutes and simplified the menu structure – and augmented the chapters with video! Check out the “Explore PFG” tab for more on chapters, tag lines and profile subjects.

Most importantly, we released our book-launch mini doc – created by the ever-talented Arno Hunter Myers. Check it out below:

Please buy the book and remember to leave us a review. Those help greatly in discoverability. 😉

Don’t Go to ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ For Pizza Tips

I was home with my parents and caught a recent episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” in which the entire episode was dedicated to gourmet pizza.

I have to say for the record that I don’t watch the show and have no plans to – Ramsay is a chef caricature, cussing the abusing people for ratings.

Since my parents were watching, I decided to stick around for the topic. For these chefs, gourmet pizza was a difficult exercise. They wasted a ton of food in messing up dishes, and generally showed no flair in creating memorable pies.

So, here’s my sales pitch: buy Pizza for Good, because you’ll get all the tips and tricks you need with some of the best and most creative recipes available anywhere. Better still: you can set it up to raise money for a good cause. Video tutorials, funny stories and tasty treats. what could go wrong?

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