April is Math Awareness Month – Celebrate with Ethan Brown

Ethan does his Magic Square routine for a packed house.

Pizza for Good profile subject Ethan Brown got some major-league ink in a recent Wordplay piece in The New York Times entitled “Ethan Brown’s Magic Square.” Here’s an excerpt:

We’ll start with the calendar’s leading presentation: a custom-created magic square by Ethan Brown, who is currently a freshman at Phillips Academy Andover. Mr. Brown has developed the surprising ability to complete a 4 x 4 magic square if given three starting values anywhere in the square along with the value to which numbers in every row, column and diagonal will sum. (Negative values are allowed.)

Read more about Ethan in “Pi,” Chapter 5 of PFG. The recipe, and its namesake, are both stellar. Visit Ethan’s website or his Facebook page for more.

"Pi" in process, as made in Bethel, Conn.

“Pi” in process, as made in Bethel, Conn.

Buy the book or leave an Amazon review today!

Make fresh. Buy local. Tell stories. Raise money. #GoodRising



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