‘Embrace Evan’ with a T-shirt Purchase

The "Embrace Evan" t-shirt

The “Embrace Evan” t-shirt

Penny Frulla, whose mother-in-law Lulu Frulla is profiled in Chapter One: “Lulu Lives” of Pizza for Good, has launched a fund-raising drive for a family teen-aged friend who was recently diagnosed with a scary form of cancer. From the fund-raising page:

Our friend, 13-year-old Evan Kollias, was recently diagnosed with Mixed Cellularity Hodgkin Lymphoma. This illness has placed an emotional and financial burden on him and his family. Our goal is to make life easier for them. Help us reach our goal of selling 100 shirts to help offset some of the costly medical and personal expenses associated with battling this type of cancer. EMBRACE EVAN!!!

Penny came to me with the concept of raising money for Evan through t-shirt sales but was unsure how to move on it. I suggested a kickstarter site, and BAM—they’ve raised nearly $2,000 so far. Please consider buying a t-shirt and supporting a great cause and he fights his illness; I scored mine a few minutes ago. WTG, Pen!

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