Recipe Idea & Contest

2014-02-23 18.49.03

Instinct is a core component in Pizza for Good—where you get a spark for a new idea and run with it. We summoned that force last year for 2013’s New Year’s Eve party with “All in the Family,” a pizza that’s as simple as it gets.

Use your favorite recipe for meatloaf (in this case, we used the meatloaf from Foods of All Nations in Charlottesville, Va.). Cook it to your preference, crumble it up cover your dough and finish with mozzarella cheese. done, done and done!

The pizza was named by my co-host, Michele Segré, after I presented the idea to her during our days leading up to the party.

The first person on Facebook to guess the reason why we named it that (and the actor’s name connected to it), will get a free Amazon copy of PFG! Go on over to the Facebook page and give us your guess.

Reminder: we need your Amazon reviews! PFG has been hovering in the top 5 in the pizza-baking category, and we want to notch in at No. 1. So if you dug the book, please jump over to Amazon and give us some love! Also, tweet us with the hashtag #GoodRising.

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