Christmas Comes Once a Week with ‘Pizza Fridays’

Sam Howe (via PMQ magazine)

Sam Howe (via PMQ magazine)

Sam Howe might want to invest in a durable Santa suit. Known by the Twitter handle @melip0ne, Howe helps a chosen-few followers kick off the best weekend ever—with a free large pizza pie on Fridays. The only prerequisite? Be a follower, and interact. From the PMQ story:

Every Friday I get a pizza pie for one of my Twitter pals. This is generally the answer I give when asked: It started when one of my pals on Twitter, @laineydiamond, tweeted something about not having lunch or dinner. I don’t entirely remember what she said. I wanted to get her lunch/dinner, and that’s when I first thought, “Wait a minute, I could probably send her a pizza from here (NYC).” She lives in Michigan. It felt so good getting her a pizza that I decided to do it every Friday for a person at random (almost, anyway) for no other reason than that it was weird/cool.

How does he pay for his “Random Acts of Pizzaness”? Out of “my pocket,” as he told the magazine. And he doesn’t do it to impress—only for the chance to make someone’s day.

I don’t do it to be ostentatious. It’s not even about me at all. It’s all about the simple fact that you can send a pizza to anyone, anywhere, at almost any time and make people feel special and happy. Part of the fun for me is explaining to whoever is taking the order exactly what I’m doing. Some people ask why, some people are confused, and some people just say “Wow, that’s rad!” It’s really an enjoyable experience for anyone involved.

Which is exactly what a day like Christmas *should be for, right?

(Image above from Sam Howe via PMQ Pizza Magazine)

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