“Pizza for Good” – December Party Challenge


For the past 12 years I’ve been throwing the New Year’s Eve Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza – and about halfway through that time, we started raising money for charity. Now’s your chance to do the same in the month of December!

Step One: Buy “Pizza for Good” from either Amazon or the Agate Digital website

Step Two: Read, share, review and enjoy

Step Three: Choose a charity and set a fund-raising goal

Step Four: Throw a party using PFG recipes (or your own), and we’ll see who comes out on top!

PFG gives you all the tricks of the trade to use America’s favorite food to raise money. When you throw your party, tell us in the comments here or on Facebook. Good luck! – WP

"Lulu Lives" - a tribute to Lulu Frulla using marinated chicken breasts

“Lulu Lives” – a tribute to Lulu Frulla using marinated chicken breasts

“Pizza for Good” Launch Party Photos

Stranger hugs. Joe Biden traffic. Vibrator jokes. Raffle-prize winners. Oh yeah, we also had a book to launch, too.

Thanks to all who attended the “Pizza for Good” book-release party at Baraonda Caffe – right in the heart of midtown Atlanta. We had a great turn-out despite traffic grinding to a halt during a visit by Vice President Biden. We rolled with the punches, as you’ll see below.

Special thanks to our host, Baraonda, as well as all party volunteers and special guests. We kicked off the book in style and hopefully sent folks away with some great memories.

Are you hosting your own “PFG” fund-raising party? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter and add #GoodRising to your post.

PFG is on sale now! Click here to buy from the Agate Digital website – use promo code “ROUND” for 50% off.