“Then one day w…

“Then one day when I was just starting at Restaurant Daniel in New York City, working in the downstairs kitchen, and turning apples, or something ridiculously French like that, one of the chefs called down for some mise en place. As I raced upstairs and turned the corner, there was Julia Child. I was frozen… There are many superstars that pass through such kitchens as Daniel, but this was just mind blowing to me. It was like a little league baseball player running into Babe Ruth in Yankee Stadium. She is simply a legend, and all of us who now get to carry out our dreams, cooking on television, stand on her shoulders.”

– Richard Blais, on PBS’ Julia Child at 100 Cookbook tribute. (more)

Call for Wisconsin-based Book Source

"Instinct in the Round: Gourmet Pizza for Good" by Will Pollock (Agate Publishing)

“Instinct in the Round: Gourmet Pizza for Good” by Will Pollock (Agate Publishing)

I’m looking to profile a very specific person in the state of Wisconsin for my upcoming book. (For those of you playing at home: the chapter is based upon a homemade recipe of roasted-corn salsa and will include this recipe in the chapter.)

The ideal person I’d like to profile:

• Male, age 18-35

• Athletic, tall and well put together

• Photogenic and comfortable in front of the camera

• Having achieved greatness of some kind, perhaps in the sporting world

• Willing to be the subject of a book profile

• Have a compelling backstory, such as:

– overcoming adversity (loss of a family member)

– overcoming a handicap (autism, physical malady or something else)

– membership to a union in the state

– is making a difference as an ally or member of the LGBT community

Do you know someone who fits the bill? E-mail me at the following address (I’ve omitted the at symbol to avoid spam): will AT will pollock dot com.

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